Saturday, July 31, 2021


 Historical Fiction

Date Published: 08-01-1021

Publisher: BQB Publishing

 England, 1609. Matthew did not trust his friend, Richard’s stories of Paradise in the Jamestown settlement, but nothing could have equipped him for the privation and terror that awaited him in this savage land...

Friday, July 30, 2021

The Voices at the End of the Road

 Ghosts of the Big Thicket, Book Three

Southern Gothic, Mystery, Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Published: July 2021

Publisher: Zimbell House Publishing

The Whitfield Estate is hidden deep in the Big Thicket outside of Soda, Texas. This reclusive family brood amassed their oil and timber fortune over four generations, and now that it’s been done, they have become painfully aware of how isolated and broken they are as a family...

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Snips and Snails Cafe



by Elizabeth Rain

on sale: AMAZON




about this series...

I've read Book 1 and Book 2 of this series and I'm headed for Book 3. You'll see my reviews below. I was going to tell you I was "working my way through the series" but working isn't the right term to use. I've been reading as fast as I can through this fun cozy because that's just what it

 my review Book 1...

What a fun cozy. Although inheriting a restaurant might not be an odd theme in a cozy, inheriting one with uncommonly good soups and extra special friends might be.  Paranormal is not a genre I read a lot of but I love mysteries and somehow the “special soups”, the fun, and so many laughs blended together for a good story and a good mystery.

What really made me enjoy it from beginning to end were the characters. Not just Juli, the main character, but all of them and that’s because they became so real. Somehow Elizabeth Rain got all of these characters defined enough that I knew their personalities and that leads us to the next point. The humor and the sarcasm. My favorite flavor in a cozy. Reasons to laugh. A couple of these characters are even as snarly as I am now and then:) But aside from all the other what I call “elements” of a cozy, there are a few subtle twists and turns; making you really wonder if this amateur sleuth is following in her uncle’s footsteps or completely off-track.

Elizabeth Rain has several books published. Some cozy mystery genre as well as some from the fantasy genre. There is a YA series to look at as well. Risky Bisqueness is Book 1 of a series titled “Snips and Snails Cafe Mystery”. So far there are 3 books in the series. I hope there will be more. Check out Elizabeth Rain’s books here:

my review Book 2...

I read Book 1 of Elizabeth Rain’s Snips and Snails Café series, and I just finished Book 2. It was everything I hoped for and yet better. Not one bit of the delicious laugh out loud humor is gone. The cozy mystery series with Juli as an amateur sleuth continues, and the café just gets better and better. The soups keep pleasing people every day, and I mean Really pleasing people. After all, Juli’s a soup witch. This must give you a hint that there is a little magic in this café and in this story. But you know, it’s the fun kind of magic, crazy sweet characters, cookbooks that come alive, and yummy soup to take all your cares away. But this is still a mystery. One with all of the “twisties and turns” a good mystery should have. Elizabeth Rain put out a lot of red herrings and really had me guessing about who was the bad guy, or girl.

I’m moving on to Book 3, but in the meantime, I’m going to write the author and ask if she can make me a dessert witch :)

Book 3...I'm all ready curled up with this one in my hands...

Book 4 OUT BY 8.27.21

I already have it preordered!

Watch for sales:

some personal "stuff" about Elizabeth Rain...

When I was a child I wanted two things. To Write a Novel and to be Wonder Woman and save the world.

Somewhere past 40, I realized the tights were never going to fit, and the only flying I was ever going to do was in a plane.

So instead, I write my Strong and Sassy Heroes/Heroines into the novels I pen...

I build doorways into contemporary worlds filled with magic that allow all of us to be a hero to our own fantastical imaginations.

To me, every character is real. I walk alongside them as they discover that fear is the flip side of courage, that survival may just be a badge of honor, and that our flaws are an opportunity to emerge stronger, and discover our own personal brand of superpowers--at any age.

 I live in the heart of Michigan with my Fastidious Husband and a Feisty Yorkie named Napoleon. When I'm not penning the adventures in my next book, you can find me kayaking, hiking, and camping with my family and friends.

Next month in August, the 25th-through the 31 I am running a big promotion to launch Death by Dumpling. The first three books are part of a KCD on Amazon. Book One, Risky Bisqueness will be FREE for those 25-28...the other two on serious sale as part of Kindle Countdown Deal through the 31st.

Hazelhearth Hires Heroes Release Blitz

 Fantasy Adventure/Fantasy Humor

Release Date: 7/29/2021


Welcome to Hazelhearth: our picturesque city is nestled in a tranquil corner of the empire. Fitness lovers enjoy vigorous nature walks in the surrounding forest (don’t forget your sword!) Foodies savor rich, robust walnut-based cuisine. Or visit the gnome quarter for a walk on the wild side! Local mines and orchards beckon with plentiful employment opportunities, while workers sleep safe knowing that stout city walls keep mythic monsters at bay. A select few may even be chosen for exciting quest opportunities...

Say Yes to Life

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Say Yes to Life provides you with seven keys to unconditional, abundant living. Each key opens a doorway to experiencing life as a gift...

Sworn to Fly

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Risk-averse ER nurse, Alyssa Beckman, is about to lose her job because of yet another bad decision. In order to put her life back on track, she books a week at a rustic mountain resort to ponder her next steps and rejuvenate. But when she arrives, she learns she’s enrolled in boot camp, an adventure program far out of her comfort zone...

Kill Shot

Kill Shot by Blair Denholm Banner 

Kill Shot

by Blair Denholm

July 1-31, 2021 Tour

Violent crimes. Missing people. Dark secrets. Only one driven detective can unearth the truth...