Bride's Interview

What made you want to write this book?
It’s an interesting story, really.
I never saw myself writing romance, and yet here I am.
I had been writing a paranormal romance for quite some time but it seems never to be finished. So while I re-read and edited and then edited some more, I came by a summon to write a book about bridesmaids. So I thought, “Why not?” And I gave it a go.
I had so much fun even if I missed the deadline that I decided to share it with my friends, and here we are. This is the third book of the series, and there’s still much to say about those bridesmaids.

Where do you get your storylines from?
Since I’ve never written about brides and their bridesmaids and brainstormed with my friends. I wanted to make the book fun and sarcastic, deal with all those wedding clichés that I had in my head and twisted them a little bit so that the story was some sort of a sexy romantic comedy.

The first thing that came to mind was, “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride,” (which I believe is one of the first lines of the book). Then it was decided that the maid of honor had to end up with the best man, of course. Not to mention that he was a womanizer that wanted into her pants. And then the groom had to be her ex-boyfriend. The book needed to be complicated yet funny, and now you can be the judge of it.

Was this book easier to write than others?
Not at all.

Writing the first book of the series was entertaining and a new challenge for me. The second book was so much fun to write, I enjoyed it so very much. Now, on the third book, I’m able to see how much I’ve grown as an author. I’m more organized, for sure, and that makes it “easier” to write in a way. Also my writing has grown so very much… not just in number of words, but it has actually improved in quality and not just quantity. But, Natalie’s Wedding was an emotional book to write. Maybe because of it’s topic, maybe because the characters were dealing with things that were difficult and relatable to anyone. The experience was much more intense.

Do you only write one genre?
So far romance seems to be the center of my writing. Besides contemporary, I have some paranormal manuscripts, but love seems to be the glue to place it all together.

Do you have a specific place or setting where you write?
There’s several places in which I write. One is my living room, with a side table and Raven (my dog) by my side. Another is the bed, in a nest of pillows to help me relax and get inspired. The last is my desk, where I can feel like a real writer.

Describe what made you want to be a writer?
Reading is what made me write. The books that I love inspired me to write. The many authors I admire. The need to let stories and ideas flow.

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