Monday, August 31, 2020

Nite Fire Series


Flash Point 
Nite Fire Book 1 
by C.L. Schneider 
Genre: Urban Fantasy 

Slated for execution, shapeshifting assassin, Dahlia Nite, flees her world to hide in the human realm. As payment for the shelter they unknowingly provide, Dahlia dedicates herself to protecting humans from what truly lives in the shadows. Moving from town to town, she hunts the creatures that threaten an unsuspecting human race; burying the truth that could destroy them all.

But the shadows are shifting. The lies are adding up. And when Sentinel City is threatened by a series of bizarre brutal murders, light is shed on what should never be seen. The secrets that have kept humanity in the dark for centuries are in danger of being exposed.

Wrestling with a lifetime of her own deceptions, Dahlia investigates the killings while simultaneously working to conceal their circumstances. But with each new murder, the little bit of peace she has found in this world begins to crumble. Each new clue leads her to the one place she thought to never go again. Home.

Flash Point is the first book in the Nite Fire Series. 

**Get it FREE Aug 1 – 4 !!** 

Book Trailer 


 The fantasy part of this is not necessarily my thing but the story captivates you and keeps you reading. This is really a murder mystery story in a fantasy world. Schneider creates a strong female character. A character that I spent time trying to decide whether I liked or didn’t. I think that’s the picture drawn by the author in this book and it leads to a lot of tension. The good kind. The kind that makes you want to keep reading.

Flashpoint is Book 1 in a series titled “Nite Fire”.  All 3 books in the series have really good reviews. It’s fun to start a good book and know that there are two more to go.

How Old is Grandma


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A humorous family mystery about a Grandma's big secret! Kendall and Kayson love going to visit their grandparents and their Grandma's birthday means CAKE, but how many candles to put on it? As the story unfolds, and misunderstandings abound, inquisitive Kendall is surprised to find out more than he bargained for. “How Old is Grandma?” joyfully illustrates the interactions amongst a loving African American family; children, parents, and grandparents and the learning experiences they share. Warm story-telling with a humor and charm that illustrates an understanding of the funniness and peace of mind that is so commonly found in children. The first in a series of books written for children ages 4 and up.

About the Author:
Antoinette Simmonds has more than 25 years’ experience as a teacher. She is an Adjunct Professor at two community colleges and has worked in the past as a teacher of software and a high school business teacher. She holds a BA in Business Education and a master’s degree in Instructional Technology.

As an African American woman, mother of 3, and grandmother of 3, over the years she has found fun, joy and shared experiences sharing books with children. Now as a grandmother and an emerging voice in writing, her goal is to produce a memorable series of humorous family-oriented stories featuring people of color to share, “Teaching is my passion and I am thankful that I am sharing my joy and passing it forward.”


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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Dark Hollow Lake


Dark Hollow Lake
Collection One
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal Anthology

with stories by
Krystle Able, William Joseph, Melinda Terranova, Bigitte Ann Thomas, 
H.N. Donnelly, Casia Courtier, Jennie L. Morris, C.J. Warrant, Pasithea Chan, K. Moore 

Saturday, August 29, 2020



The Donaghey Brothers Book 1 
by Wendy Million 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 

As an undercover FBI agent, Kimi is no stranger to life-threatening situations. When her newest assignment leads to the Donaghey brothers, one of Boston's biggest crime families, Kimi is confident she can handle the pressure.

But as she becomes embroiled in the lives of Finn and Lorcan, she realizes she might not be able to separate her job as Kim from the heart of Kimi quite so easily this time.

On the cusp of a mob war, Kimi must decide who to believe and who to save. Sometimes doing the right thing means doing something very wrong. 

Friday, August 28, 2020

Black Horse Road

Women's Fiction Romance

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Under another hand, Blackhorse Road could all too easily have been a singular romance. Johns provides more as she follows Luci down the rabbit hole and out the other side of life experience, bringing readers into a world where . . . transgression changes everything and challenges carefully-constructed foundations of belief and values. As Luci lets go of her lifesavers and navigates obstacles to happiness, her story becomes a vivid portrait of hope and self-examination which ultimately moves into unexpected territory. Novel readers seeking a tale that closely considers deception and forgiveness, love gained and lost, and family ties will welcome the multifaceted Blackhorse Road's ability to come full circle in a satisfyingly unexpected way. - D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


It’s the turbulent mid-1960s, and Luci, an eighteen-year-old Southern California girl, is on the quest for self-determination and new beginnings. Three powerful forces influence her values: the grit of her Irish great-grandmother, Lucinda McCormick; the philosophy of choice of her father, Sam; and the 1960s ideals of equity and altruism. But potent foes thwart Luci at every turn. Her budding romance with a handsome United States Air Force Academy cadet sets the stage for conflict and deception that last for two decades. When Luci discovers how her autonomy and her love affair were hijacked, she struggles with anger and bitterness. But from a surprising source, she finds a forgiveness path that restores her well-being and hope and, in the end, faith in herself.

My Review...

A really nice read. What a picture of life in the 60’s. This book deals with so many items, emotions really. From the moment I began to read about the true hardships, the real picture drawn by the people trying to immigrate I wanted to keep reading to see what happened. I wanted to see where this was going to lead. At first I thought the letters would create a back and forth kind of reading confusion. That didn’t happen here. Everything centered around Luci in one way or another and the author seemed to be able to weave this story without any confusion, Even no hiccups to my reading which I thought surely would happen.

This is an interesting book, suitable for all ages.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The PSP Chronicles Volume 2

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Readers will recall in September of 2013 and at the age of 57, Tim was diagnosed with early onset dementia. He was referred to a neurologist at London Health Sciences Centre – Parkwood, in south-western Ontario. Further physical and cognitive testing aroused the suspicions of the neurologist and Tim was referred to a neuro-ophthalmologist and a movement disorders specialist. In August 2014, just weeks away from Tim’s 58th birthday he was diagnosed with PSP – progressive supranuclear palsy. Frontotemporal dementia was concerning enough, but now he had to live with the fact of a life limiting illness. A disease that would steal him away bit by bit… inside and out. A journey with a certain ending. With a candid narrative he continues to share with readers his physical, mental wellness lamentations and their effects on the family dynamics. But Tim’s journey is more than these. More importantly for him, it is about a journey of unwavering faith in God, no matter the outcome.

The Wars Among the Paines

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Spanning over 200 years of American military history, “The Wars Among the Paines” (Koehler Books, September 30, 2020), tells the complex story of a family defined by war, accounting in vivid detail its toll in blood, treasure, and emotional turmoil. Nearly 50 years in the making, “The Wars Among the Paines” is the debut novel by Vietnam veteran John M. Millar, who tells a story that illustrates how the consequences of America's foreign wars escape the boundaries of the front lines, and ripple through generations of families, friends, politics, and the lives of we the people.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Bandits and Ball Gowns


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One Prince Finds True Love ... And Risks It All

Elle Cynder has fallen hard for Alec, the 'prince' of Le Charme Jewelers. Time for some happily in their ever after, right?

Not so much.

While the new couple shares joyful moments--and sizzling kisses--serious trouble is brewing. Elle's evil stepmother, Marchesa, schemes with none other than Alec's twisted father, Legend. Their plan? Destroy Elle and Alec, along with everything the young lovers hold dear, including Bry, Knox, and Wilhelm.

Another Royal Freezes His Heart ... But For How Long?

Lacey Goes to Toyko


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International travel means international danger.

Lacey Devaine is a four-year veteran of a spy ring which fronts as an exclusive escort service, Miss Belle's Travel Guides. Maintaining her cover is Lacey's number one priority to protect the integrity of the operation she works for.

While on assignment in Tokyo, a nosy newspaper reporter threatens to blow the lid off a scandal that will put dozens of innocent lives at risk. To protect her cover, Miss Belle is called in to act on intelligence Lacey has uncovered.

Can these beautiful, intelligent, and deadly women complete this assignment in time and emerge unscathed? Or will this mission be their last?

My Review...

This was fun and very suspenseful. The setting of covert missions being run by a business of escort services might sound insulting to women. However, this is written to show the intelligence and strength of women. Very refreshing, all tied up in a story of adventure, humor, and action.

This was one of those “can’t put it down” type of books. I enjoyed every moment and most certainly hope there will be a Book 2 in the near future.

read an excerpt...

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mimi Takes Paris

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It is the start of the adventures of a small black poodle, escapee from a cruel puppy mill, who is rescued by Nicole Marcel, a pretty girl singer in the City of Paris. The two become inseparable.

The little dog has an animal intelligence and a tremendous sense of smell, and proceeds to solve a murder, and other crimes by nasal prowess. Mimi gains celebrity status, as does her PERSON, Nicole.

It is a Cozy Mystery like no other!

In book two, titled “Mimi’s Paris Dilemma,” Mimi’s reputation, (and that of Nicole’s), is sullied by an unfair assessment by the public. The little dog slowly regains status by solving other crimes.

Among the Pages


Historical Romance

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A woman’s choice…is in question.


Brianne is a somewhat naïve college freshman. She becomes disillusioned as her professors and peers challenge many of her long-held beliefs. When she finds a diary that belonged to a distant relative, she hopes it will offer much needed distraction. And she is soon drawn into the story of a passionate woman who seems to whisper from the past.


In 1915’s New York, idealist and primary teacher Margaret struggles with the problems women face at home and in society. She is first timid about speaking her mind, but in time cannot keep her impassioned spirit hidden—not even from the gentleman who teaches in the classroom next door. His concern for her stretches the limits of their friendship, pressing into something more. Caught up in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, she faces down authority figures and others who question her beliefs.


And so, Brianne is whisked along on this journey as Margaret joins the fight for women’s rights, all the while trying to work through her own questions and experiences with modern feminism.


Before long, things spin out of control and she wonders where her newfound relationship fits into everything? Are there any clear answers? Will she land on her feet? Or be forever lost to herself?

Sunday, August 23, 2020

A Story of Bad

A Murder Mystery... A Romance... Intertwined

Mystery, Romantic Mystery

Publisher: Global Authors Publications

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A Story Of Bad features a woman and a man, both intelligent with strong personalities.

She is June Replyn, a city reporter working the business side of the fashion world. June is asked to write a story about how a small company, a clothing factory, survives the death - by murder - of its inspirational leader.

He is Detective Terry Stans. Reviewing clues and interviews, Detective Stans comes away with the impression that the dead man knew his assailant, and his dedicated workers and bereaved family are all prospective suspects.

One day June is at the clothing factory gathering additional material, and Terry is there, continuing his investigation. The detective is stuck. The case is going nowhere, and he believes that the fashion writer has a better view of the inside workings of the company than he has been afforded. Hoping that fresh eyes will see something he hasn’t, he obtains a promise from her that nothing will be printed without his permission, then he invites her to come to his precinct station and review the file. Not long after, he invites her to dinner at his favorite ribs joint.

This novel is about a reporter and a detective, both asking questions about a murder - although from different perspectives - who become ensnared in a romance. Their relationship raises questions about confidentiality, loyalty to one’s employer, professional ethics; she is trying to write a story for her readers, he is trying to keep control of an investigation. Both of their bosses caution them about the dangers to their careers raised by this situation. And there they are, lovers.

The tale is designed to intrigue with two intertwining stories, the mystery of the murder and the unexpected love affair. As the relationship grows and the mystery is solved we visit the worlds of Cambodian employees in America, police investigations, newspapers and their editorial policies, and drug smuggling.

Justice Gone

I'm proud to present 
Nicolas Lombardi Jr.'s 
award-winning book







Chosen by among their list of 10 Gripping and Intelligent Legal Thrillers

The courtroom scenes are wonderfully written...the characters are well described and the author paints a picture of each in the mind of the reader...Strong plot, strong characters and a strong writing style that I really enjoyed. This one is a definite "thumbs-up." Strongly recommend! I look forward to reading additional works by N. Lombardi, Jr.

Kim M Aalaie, Author's Den


One of my favorite suspense novels of the year. It will make you question the legal system.

The Eclectic Review

The courtroom action is excellent, trimmed to the most gripping parts of the trial, with plenty of emotional impact...a fairly realistic portrayal of the way small-town US society works...a fast-moving story with plenty of dramatic moments, and a big twist in the final pages.

Crime Review 

An act of police brutality hurls a small town into a turmoil of rage and fear, igniting a relentless witch hunt and ending in the trial of the decade.

"When a homeless war veteran is beaten to death by the police, stormy protests ensue, engulfing a small New Jersey town. Soon after, three cops are gunned down.

 A multi-state manhunt is underway for a cop killer on the loose. And Dr. Tessa Thorpe, a veteran's counselor, is caught up in the chase.

Donald Darfield, an African-American Iraqi war vet, war-time buddy of the beaten man, and one of Tessa's patients, is holed up in a mountain cabin. Tessa, acting on instinct, sets off to find him, but the swarm of law enforcement officers gets there first, leading to Darfield's dramatic capture.

Now, the only people separating him from the lethal needle of state justice are Tessa and ageing blind lawyer, Nathaniel Bodine. Can they untangle the web tightening around Darfield in time, when the press and the justice system are baying for revenge?”


Sometimes when you begin a book, you just know it’s going to be something you want to read. I’m not exactly sure how to describe that feeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exciting scene that starts in the first paragraph. I think it is the flow of the writing, the kind that keeps your interest. This book had that flow, at least it did until it blasted me in the face with action. Wow, what a start for a novel. I was appreciative of his writing; mad at the story and the injustice. I was a little of everything and that is because the author and his words made me that way. That means having the talent to write mere words on paper and create a huge amount of emotion in your readers.

Injustice, unfairness, unwarranted violence, our cops and our military, are easy subjects to write about and evoke emotions as I said in the previous paragraph. They are also subjects to create interesting characters around. That happened here and some really enjoyable characters came out of this book. characters you hope to read more about.

 This book has been categorized as being a part of the legal/thriller genre. I’m not sure that’s quite where I’d put it. Actually, it’s rather difficult to describe. It definitely is a thriller and it has a lot of legal activity in it, but it’s almost crime fiction or a mystery too. So, I guess if you like to read any of these genres, you’d enjoy it. There are a lot of points here for discussion and some thought-provoking ideas. An enjoyable read and yet a somewhat deep book.

Lombardi Jr. has at least 2 other books published that I can see ratings on, and all seem to be well rated.

5 Stars of my very few 5-star reviews of the year.

Note: I have communicated with Nicolas Lombardi and I have to tell you, not only is he an excellent author but he's a good, kind man. 

Like his Facebook page. Read his book and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. He deserves it.

about Nicolas Lombardi Jr...

N. Lombardi Jr, the N for Nicholas, has spent over half his life in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, working as a groundwater geologist. Nick can speak five languages: Swahili, Thai, Lao, Chinese, and Khmer (Cambodian).

In 1997, while visiting Lao People's Democratic Republic, he witnessed the remnants of a secret war that had been waged for nine years, among which were children wounded from leftover cluster bombs. Driven by what he saw, he worked on The Plain of Jars for the next eight years. 

Nick maintains a website with content that spans most aspects of the novel: The Secret War, Laotian culture, Buddhism etc.

His second novel, Journey Towards a Falling Sun, is set in the wild frontier of northern Kenya.

His latest novel, Justice Gone was inspired by the fatal beating of a homeless man by police.

Nick now lives in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Visit his goodreads page: 


Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Journey of Bell


The Journey of Bell:

A True Depiction of Obedience to Christ

by Merideth Deeds

Genre: Nonfiction, Pet Memoir


For thirteen years, my beloved Bell loved me unconditionally. Through the many challenges of life that I faced, she was always there by my side with unwavering loyalty and dedication. Her obedience to me is a beautiful depiction of how we, as Christians, should strive to please the Lord who is our master in Heaven. God’s Word ensures us that all good things come from above, and I think that includes our four-legged angels on Earth who love and honor their masters so fiercely and bring us so much joy.


Android's Daughter


Android's Daughter 
by Marshal Northrup 
Genre: Science Fiction 

A beautiful android steals a baby. 

Andrea is an assassin who lives in a floating city.
When on the job she decides to steal a baby. With
the help from a friend she raises the child to the age
of training. But nothing is what it seems and the true test begins. 

If you like to read good science fiction and laugh then you will want to read Androids Daughter. 

Friday, August 21, 2020

The Promise Kept


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Cybil Roe gave her heart away thirteen years ago only to have it wind up shattered. With painstaking determination, she has rebuilt her life into something to be proud of today. Yet all her future plans are upended when the only man she has ever loved returns to Echo Springs. Nor does it help that he seems bound and determined to draw her back into his life. Cybil vows to stay away from him, no matter what seeing him all the time does to her resolve.

Miles Keaton wiped the dust of his hometown off his shoes years ago, never expecting that life would lead him back to the place where he had begun. Coming home to Echo Springs, to Cybil, to start a new law practice and a new life is a risk he never thought he'd take. She hates him – with good reason. Years ago, he walked away when she needed him the most. But now is he back, and intends to argue the case of his life, one more important than any he has debated in a courtroom, because she is the one woman he cannot live without.

Can Miles convince Cybil to take a second chance on him, or will a secret she has kept all these years destroy any future they might have?

Read an Excerpt

At five until seven, Alex texted her that he was outside the building. Cybil headed down the wooden stairs that tended to creak in spots. At least the lighting in the stairwell was decent, glowing off the muted tan walls to create a warm atmosphere. When she strode across the small building lobby that was really nothing more than an oversized foyer and opened the door, she noticed that the lights in Mr. Biddle’s office were on already. The old codger did like to get an early start.

She pushed open the front glass and wood door to permit entry to her client. Admittedly, Alex was an attractive man in his black workout gear. His naturally wavy blond hair was meticulously trimmed, his angular jaw clean shaven, his cheekbones sharply pronounced, and he had a mocha gaze that always seemed set to smolder anytime he glanced in her direction. She just wished his smolder, along with his six-foot lean build, did something for her girly bits, but it didn’t. Maybe it was because she knew him well and thought he had the personality of a turnip. Not to mention there was an undercurrent of menace she sensed that he tried to hide behind a polished sheen that she didn’t trust. She kept her grimace to herself and said, “Alex, come on in.”

“Cybil. You look refreshed this morning,” Alex said, telling her with his gaze that he appreciated her, the way a man did a woman he found attractive: his gaze roving over her body, warming over the sweet spots like he was a lion envisioning sinking his teeth into a gazelle.

A part of her wished she could feel something for him, anything really, other than mild annoyance.

Before she could reply, Clark Biddle shuffled out of his office, wearing gray tweed slacks with a matching suit jacket, a bright canary yellow dress shirt, and a multicolored plaid bow tie to complete his ensemble. For a man in his eighties, he was rather spry and moved with efficiency.

“Cybil, I’m glad I caught you. If I could have you come into my office for a few minutes so I can introduce you to your new landlord?” Clark’s voice boomed and echoed in the stairwell.

“I have a personal training session. Can it wait?” she asked, indicating Alex with a slight nod as he crowded her. Really, the man needed to learn about personal space.

“It shouldn’t take more than a minute,” Clark said, his bushy, stark-white eyebrows raised. The tufts of his matching white hair were in wild disarray and windblown. Clark’s hair, for all his styling clothing wise, always looked like he’d stuck his finger in an electrical socket and was just too busy to care about taming what was left on his balding dome.

With a sigh of defeat, because she knew Clark well enough that he wouldn’t let up until she capitulated, she turned to Alex. “Would you mind going on up and getting yourself warmed up on either the treadmill or elliptical? I’ll be right up.”

“Sure thing, as long as you don’t forget about me,” Alex teased in an attempt to flirt with her.

Her annoyance at his insistent innuendos climbed, but instead of showing it, she pasted a bland smile on her face and said, “I won’t. I’ll be up shortly.”

Alex gave her what she was sure to his mind was a sexy half grin and a swaggering tilt of his head intended to make her swoon. Too bad it made her want to roll her eyes and ask if that move had worked for him in the past. As Alex ascended the stairs, Clark steered her into his office. The man without fail smelled of peppermint and Old Spice aftershave.

“Now, as I mentioned last week,” Clark said, “the terms of your lease will stand for the full twelve months. Then you will have to negotiate a new lease with your new landlord.”

Cybil replied, “Thank you, I appreciate that. I—”

Oh, sweet biscuits and gravy, no!

Not him. Anyone but him. She’d take the devil himself in exchange. Give her Beelzebub, give her Hades, give her the Hells Angels biker gang, all of them, over the man sitting so casually in Clark’s office like he owned the place—which from all indications, he now did.

“Cybil. Good to see you. From what I understand from Clark, you’re one of my new tenants,” Miles Keaton said in his deep baritone voice as he rose from his seat when she entered the office.

“No,” was all she could say. He couldn’t be her new landlord. Surely she was still in bed and having a nightmare. That was all. She would wake the moment her alarm rang. Any minute now.

Miles raised a golden brow in her direction. His turquoise eyes, the ones that had haunted her dreams for thirteen years, regarded her coolly, with indifference.

It would have been far better if he had gotten fat or gone bald over the last thirteen years, losing some of the tousled golden hair that always looked like he’d run his long, sturdy fingers through it a hundred times. But if anything, he was like a fine wine or scotch, where he’d only gotten better, more potently gorgeous and alpha with age. The handsome, strong lines of his face had matured, and there were crinkled lines at the corners of his enigmatic eyes that glimmered with intelligence. He hadn’t shaved today, and there was a hint of darker golden stubble gracing his square jaw, framing a pair of the most kissable lips she’d ever seen and tasted on a man. His six-foot-two, broad-shouldered frame, which had always been solid, had thickened and filled out with muscle. He wore a pair of tailored black slacks that rode low on his lean hips and a crisp salmon dress shirt, unbuttoned at his neck, that should have looked girly, but which made Miles appear even more dominant and alpha, if that were possible.

The man had always been a walking wet dream. And dammit, but her girly bits awoke like a princess awakening from true love’s kiss, and were throwing an excited rave at his presence.

About the Author:
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Maggie grew up listening to Cardinals baseball and reading anything she could get her hands on. She remembers her mother saying if only she would read the right type of books instead binging her way through the romance aisles at the bookstore, she’d have been a doctor. While Maggie never did get that doctorate, she graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with an M.A. in History.

Maggie is a bestselling and award-winning author published in multiple fiction genres. She also writes erotic romance under the name Anya Summers ( A total geek at her core, when she is not writing, she adores attending the latest comic con or spending time with her family. She currently lives in the United States Midwest with her two furry felines.

Amazon Author Page US
Amazon Author Page UK


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Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Three Kitties That Saved My Life


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"This is like drinking tea and honey on a cold day." When tragedy struck, I thought for sure that my own life was at an end. I was wrong. This is the true story of how two stray rescue cats and a woman named Kitty, whom I finally met after a wild ride of internet dating, brought love, romance, and laughter back into my life.

Love was then.
Love is now.
Love is forever.

WINNER of the 2018 Stephen Memorial Award
A True Romance Memoir

If you love reading feel-good memoirs, then don't miss THE THREE KITTIES THAT SAVED MY LIFE, where "Mike Meyer pens a tender tale of love, loss, and renewal. The depth of emotion is palpable...The Three Kitties will tug at readers' heartstrings, as they ride through the emotional highs and lows of Mike Meyer's remarkable story." - InD'tale Magazine

Read an Excerpt

And, to add a delicious icing to the lovely taste of my life, I can say with total honesty to the whole world, my voice booming into the sky, my dancing feet not caring in the least who might see me, that I have been very fortunate to have done something that brings more sheer delight and wonderful pride to me than anything else that I have accomplished in my life: I have fallen madly, head-over-heels in love not once, but twice, and how many others can say that?

About the Author:
Michael Meyer is the author of mysteries, thrillers, humorous fiction, and non-fiction: Love and romance, laughter and tears, thrills and fears.

He has resided in and has visited many places in the world, all of which have contributed in some way to his own published writing. He has literally traveled throughout the world, on numerous occasions. He has lived in Finland, Germany, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He gained the wanderlust to see the world, to experience other cultures, at an early age, and this desire has never left him. If anything, it has only gained in intensity as he has aged.

As a recent retiree from a forty-year career as a professor of writing, he now lives in Southern California wine country with his wife, Kitty, and their two adorable rescue cats.


Buy links:

On sale for only $0.99.

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Memoir of a Hockey Nobody


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Memoir of a Hockey Nobody is the unlikely true story of an average Canadian kid who grew up playing street hockey. Although he didn't learn how to skate until his late teens, he took a shot at entering the world of professional ice hockey with, shall we say, haphazard results.

 This is an "against all odds" tale of one man's journey from Vancouver, to all over Western Canada, California, The Yukon, and Alaska. Seemingly blocked at every turn, from managers who believed that someone who came from such humble beginnings couldn't be any good, to coaches who would rather see big names with bigger reputations. It's a story of tragedy, triumph and determination. A roller coaster ride with hilarious anecdotes of all the characters he met along the way.

This is a tale for those who dare to live their dream!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Hundred Lies

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1322, Scotland

Rosalie Threston's fortune-telling lies have caught up with her. Uprooted yet again, she's on the run from a ruthless English noblewoman. She flees to Scotland and seeks refuge in the arms of a laird's son who happens to be a real Seer.


A bloody past and inevitable future plague Domhnall Montgomerie. He avoids physical contact with others to ease the painful visions. When an accidental touch reveals only delight, he wonders if Rose is the key to silencing the Sight. Mystical awakening unravels with each kiss. But can Domhnall embrace his gift in time to save her life, even it means exposing her lies?

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand

Sailing on the Tides of Burning Sand and Other Stories 
by Michael Darling 
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Short Stories 

Ghosts. Monsters. Harry Houdini Meets Charles Dickens in Outer Space. 

These amazing stories and more await between the covers of Michael Darling’s first short story collection, featuring all the stories from his bestselling Tales from the Behindbeyond series, including an exclusive new story "The Morrigan's Sister," only available in this volume. From humorous to frightening to thought-provoking, these twelve brilliant stories are an enchanting gift from one of fiction’s most inventive new voices. 

“A unique, often creepy delight.” - Michaelbrent Collings Bram Stoker Award Finalist and Bestseller 

"Michael Darling is a talent, a master of perspective and playful storytelling.” - Johnny Worthen Award-Winning Author of What Immortal Hand 

As It Pleases the King


As It Pleases the King 
The King's Pleasure Book 1 
by Sara Harris 
Genre: Medieval Romance 

February 1542, London
Catherine Howard, Queen Consort of England, faces the executioner's axe.
King Henry VIII needs a new wife.

Lady Bridget Denny and her cousin, Lady Elizabeth, have fallen into favor with His Majesty's groomsmen. They are taken to Court to be judged for the position of the next queen, but Bridget fears the title of Queen of England is little more than a royal death sentence. The woods surrounding the castle are deep and dark and hold many secrets-perhaps there is room for one more.

Bridget is determined to escape the lusty king. But can she survive his royal executioner? 

Strong from the Heart


Strong From The Heart by Jon Land Banner



Strong from the Heart

by Jon Land

on Tour August 17 - September 18, 2020


Strong from the Heart by Jon Land

Caitlin Strong wages her own personal war on drugs against the true power behind the illicit opioid trade in Strong from the Heart, the blistering and relentless 11th installment in Jon Land's award-winning series.

The drug crisis hits home for fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong when the son of her outlaw lover Cort Wesley Masters nearly dies from an opioid overdose. On top of that, she’s dealing with the inexplicable tragedy of a small Texas town where all the residents died in a single night.

When Caitlin realizes that these two pursuits are intrinsically connected, she finds herself following a trail that will take her to the truth behind the crisis that claimed 75,000 lives last year. Just in time, since the same force that has taken over the opiate trade has even more deadly intentions in mind, specifically the murder of tens of millions in pursuit of their even more nefarious goals.