Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Mastering The Basics Of Bitcoin and Crypto




Nonfiction / Business

Date Published: June 19, 2022

Kiss Me, My Duke



#2 The Blakeley Manor Series

Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Steamy Regency Romance



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An epic journey of adventure, heroism, and self-exploration through the eyes of a teenage boy named Siba.

Siba’s life takes an exciting turn when his pet parrot takes him to a magical forest. He explores the mysterious forest-dwellers and the precious ancient wisdoms of the fantasy world when a sudden tragedy jeopardizes life on earth. To save the world, he must embark on a legendary journey to the Pole Star.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Game of Value Creation



Nonfiction / Business

Date Published: September 27, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

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The Game of Value Creation takes you inside the world of active investors, who acquire companies that offer substantial opportunities for value creation and turn them into success stories using a proven, calculated, and tactical approach, so that you too can benefit from the strategies that work for the big fish in your own business.

Blood of the Hunted



Date Published: December 15th 2022

 Weylyn, Olwen, and other members of the marginalized and subjugated group known as the Tóráin are trying every day to gain equality and freedom...

The Body Politic - Book II


Book II of The Tribal Wars

Science Fiction

Date Published: 1/8/2022

BookLife Editor's Pick


Brianna Miller returns to Dolvia where tribal women protest the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely by self-torchings in the Cylay Square.  Brianna re-establishes her tribal schools and takes on assistant Kelly Osborn who is mixed blood and also a poet.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Mahalo Does Not Mean Trash



Paki Perkins, Hiwalani Perkins, Puniaikeao Perkins & Alapaki Perkins

Children's Book (Illustrated)

Date Published: 11/22/22

Friday, December 23, 2022

The Night the Reindeer Came to Play



Isabelle & Karen M Tanch Illustrations and Artwork

Children's Book

Date Published: October 6, 2020

What are they up to now? Children will be delighted to turn each page to find out what happens when Santa's reindeer visit the home of a young child on Christmas Eve. Full of mischief and fun, this silly group does everything to enchant, excite, and engage our 

little tot!

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Two If By Sea


Suspense / Thriller

Date Published: September 14, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

The Broke Author's Directory




Date Published: 10-24-2022

Get This Work



The Unofficial Guide to Breaking into Tech Sales

Job Hunting & Careers / Job Interviewing (Books) / Self-Help

Date Published: October 25, 2022

Publisher : Gatekeeper Press


Are you interested in a career in tech sales?

 Well, you’re in good company.

Power of Understanding


How Personality Influences Our Lives


Date Published: September 12th 2022

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Visions of Johanna



Literary Fiction 

Date Published: November 14, 2022

 Publisher: PFP Publishing

Maya Fairy



Children's 8+ Magical Mystery

Date Published: November 2022


I have to tell you a big secret, but you can’t tell anyone.

Fairies are real.

A Flicker in the Water



Nonfiction / Memoir / Fishing

Date Published: June 26, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

Monday, December 19, 2022

The Wrong Kind of Magic - Book Tour


Book one of Trevor Made Christmas Stories

Middle-Grade Fantasy

Date Published: 09-27-2022

 The house is shaking, colors are sparkling, things are starting to break... and did that toy start moving?

Juunyork - Book Tour


Biography, LGBTQ, Romance

Date Published: August 3, 2022

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Nosy Neighbors



Thriller / Supernatural / Romance

Date Published: 09-01-2017

Dominant Species



Date Published: 11-09-2022

Publisher: Severed Press

 Genetic scientists have created a species of virtually indestructible living weapons, codenamed the Olympians. But they made one mistake: Never create what you can’t destroy.

Friday, December 16, 2022

How High Can A Ladybug Fly?



Children's Book

Date Published: 11-20-2022

Scarred Dreams - Book Tour


Historic Romance

Date Published: 12-12-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Between Earth and Sea



Paranormal Romance (Spicy)

Date Published: 12-10-2022

Publisher: Tivshe Publishing

Speak No Evil


In Search of Our Self-Esteem, Self-Empowerment, and Self-Worth


Publication Date: October 10, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Here There and Everywhere




Date Published: December 15, 2022


SUSPENSE, MYSTERY, WINE, and FAMILY DRAMA in this cozy mystery set in France, number 18 in the series.

The Book of the Sun



Date Published:15 December 2022

Publisher: Serapis Bey Publishing

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Canadian Beaver Lodge Assassins Association - Book Tour



Date Published: November 30, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

On a routine delivery, courier Jaxy Thrie must ferry a priceless item—a Fabergé guardian angel once worn by the Empress Maria Feodorovna—to a Russian heiress in British Columbia...

Accursed Son - Book Tour


    The Martyr's Vow Series, Book 1

Urban Fantasy / Horror

To Be Published: 12-12-2022

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing

Armand Tarkanian is trapped in the ultimate dead-end job: embalming decedents under his abusive uncle’s watchful eye. Every day he goes through the motions, making death look beautiful while his life is anything but.

Dominant Species




Date Published: 11-09-2022

Publisher: Severed Press




Shadow Academy Book 1

Urban Fantasy PNR Academy Why Choose Romance

Date Published: 10-28-2022

Publisher: Deviant Darlings Publications

Holy Terror - Book Blitz


Christian Fiction

Date Published: 10-01-2022

Publisher: Bookbaby

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Domestic Violence



Date Published: December 13, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

Agnew, a small farming community in south-central Texas, has just been obliterated in the nation’s worst rail accident in history. The President of the United States enlists cybersecurity expert, Mike Paxton, to lead the investigation and determine who is to blame.

Rocky Mountain Star



(Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 2)


Date Published: 12.13.2022

Publisher: Dragonbooks Publishing House

Monday, December 12, 2022

Drawing Temptation



Empire of Hearts 2

A Steam and Spells Steampunk Adventure

treading your own path - Book Tour


Journal / Christian

Date Published: September 6, 2022

Twelve Secrets of Christmas



Contemporary Romance / Erotic Romance

Date Published: December 13, 2022

Publisher: Totally Bound

Fire & Ice Christmas



Paranormal Holiday Romance

Date Published: December 9, 2022

Publisher: Changeling Press

Skinny Dipping in a Dirty Pond - Book Tour


 Literary Fiction / Memoir

Release Date: October 1, 2022

Publisher: Mapleton Press

A young girl in a small southern town in the 80’s enlists the help of an unlikely group of friends and family to help her survive an unconventional, sometimes abusive childhood...

Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Corpsman's Wife


Contemporary Women's Fiction

Date Published: June 23, 2020

Publisher: Hellgate Press

Getting away from her abusive, soon-to-be-ex-husband, Susi Jury accepts the invitation of her lifelong best friend, Tracy, to attend the Navy Boot Camp graduation of her younger brother at Naval Station Great Lakes near Chicago. At a celebration for the graduates at a local bar, she accidentally spills red wine on a young, handsome sailor—Lance Wells. Love at first sight? Absolutely.

Scarred Dreams


Historic Romance

Date Published: 12-12-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

In 1944, a German artillery shell destroyed Milt Greenlee’s future in professional baseball...

The HWA Poetry Showcase - Book Tour



Horror, Poetry

Date Published: 11.07.2022

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Accursed Son - Release



   The Martyr's Vow Series, Book 1

Urban Fantasy / Horror

To Be Published: 12-12-2022

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing

Friday, December 9, 2022

North Star Rising - Book Star


Teen and Young Adult Fantasy

Date Published: August 10, 2022

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.

Amber Emrys is coming of age. She lives on the mystical isle of T’ir Na Nor in the North Sea.   Preparations for her Nest Naming Celebration are in the works. Pavarotti, a Puffin who has been  “Guardian of the air” on the island for centuries, has watched over Amber as she’s grown from chick to fledgling.

The Best Doctor In Town



Date Published: Nov. 7, 2019

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Sex & drugs & rock & roll and nursing - Book Tour



New Adult/Adult Fiction

Date Published: 08-04-2022


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My flatmate Bill summed me up recently. “Calum,” he said. “Ah love ye man, but when it comes tae women and relationships, you’re a total nightmare.” I'm not a bad guy. I mean ... I'm not. Ask anyone. I'm a nurse, for God’s sake. How bad could I be? Look, I'm not saying I'm an angel – far from it. I'm just saying...

Anyway... I'll let you be the judge.

Princess On The Run



Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic Suspense

Date Published: December 8, 2022

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

In this sweet, and thrilling Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Meredith Bond, we follow a princess and a marquess on a road trip to escape a murderer and find a prince.