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I thought it best to describe my feelings about ratings for you. This applies to a rating I might have mentioned on my blog or the rating I have given you when I posted your book somewhere more publicly. 

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.   -kathy

5* To me, five star stories are extraordinary, stupendous, and special. The subject nor the genre have any bearing on the rating. Here is my personal interpretation of the attributes extraordinary, stupendous, and special:

-snatch and grab...something grabs my attention from the beginning. This could be a few pages, or a single page but there can be no question that this is 100% dependent on the author's writing skills.

-a character that I'll love or hate, One that the author has crafted enough for me to see, know, and feel.

-dialog that I can follow, be a part of, and never have to wonder who is saying what.

-writing style. I don’t necessarily want to read a book that has all of the commas and semi-colons in place. Unusual punctuation and the occasional colloquialism add a style to me. It sets me in the picture. Surrounds me with the scene. Unique writing can hold one’s attention way more than a subject at times. Typos and grammar faux pas are unacceptable.

-and talent, how very important talent is... I'm not sure that the actual subject of a story is as important as the emotion evoked, maybe that’s defined as style. Sometimes we tend to almost be mad at a book, pulled into a story and angry because the author didn't do as we wanted. Maybe a story made us feel good or happy. Let me tell you, whether you like it or not, whether you're satisfied or ready to scream, even if you're crying or laughing, the author that can evoke emotion with mere words on paper is a talented author.


4* I enjoyed it. It might be missing that extra touch, but it was well-written, read easily, and kept my attention. I was glad I took the time to read it, and would definitely recommend it.


3* I got through this, but really didn’t have a good time.  It didn’t have enough errors to affect the flow of the reading and has a somewhat entertaining story. While there might not be any glaring problems, I would not recommend.


2* I didn’t finish. Either boring and/or too many errors. Would not recommend.


1* I don’t give this rating. If I feel from the beginning a book is "bad", I still try to read at least a  couple of chapters if not more. If a book is bad, I return it. My inclusive description of “bad” entails:


-If the book has enough errors to disrupt my reading, I return it and do not review.

-If a book is unduly discriminatory or biased in any manner, I return it and do not review.

-If I have been told that the book is not erotic or embarrassingly sexual and have been lied to in any other way, I return it and do not review.  

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