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My philosophy about reviews.

I hate long reviews. Nothing depresses me more than to find out the whole story before I purchase the book. In fact, after I have read a long review describing the whole story, I don't purchase the book.

I think reviews are meant to be tantalizing. Just enough of a tease to make a reader want to read the book. There is no question that a review should talk about writing skills. About talents of an author. Even about other successes of its author. But still, when all is said and done, the purpose is to leave the reader with a keen need to read the book immediately.

Authors will always be notified when the review is posted. 
Author may choose to read review in advance of posting and decline post. 

Our Town Books posts on Amazon, BookBub, Goodreads, B&N. (another place if you prefer) 

I would like to post the review on my own blog if you will send me an author jpg and a book cover jpg. 

I don't write bad reviews. If something is not well written I'm not going to praise it, and I have been known to say what I think. But trashing an author does absolutely no one any good. 

IF I get something that is totally unreadable or offensive in some way, I notify the author and won't review. 

I do not review, proof, or edit erotic romance. 

A WORD.doc manuscript or pdf is required for any proofreading or copy editing so corrections and comments may be marked. 

Review formats: pdf, mobi, epub, WORD

Copy Editing & Proofreading  .003 per word*

If book is over 450 pgs, I won't take it, you wrote too much :) 

Inclusions: typos, grammatical errors such as sentence fragments, run-on sentences, basic tense forms. Consistency of style and obvious errors. Problems with reading or sentence flow. Content comments only if noticed (character name changes, place names, etc.) A review as well as its inclusions are added free to the Copy Editing & Proofreading service. 

Proofreading only  .001 per word* 

No books over 450 pgs. 

Inclusions: typos, grammatical errors. Any manuscript format problems noted, chapter numbers, duplicate spacing, etc. A review as well as its inclusions are added free to the Copy Editing & Proofreading service. 

All services payable thru PayPal or check.

* any agreed upon due date under 30 days will have an additional $25.00 charge

CONTACT: Kathy Allen 
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