Friday, November 25, 2022

Island of Dreams - Book Tour



Historical Fiction

Date Published: December 1, 2022

Publisher:  Cumulus Publishing

Sure Enough - Book Tour



Miracles From World War to World Missions

Christian Missions, Christian Personal Growth, Memoirs

Date Published: September 27, 2022

Publisher: Lucid Books

Thursday, November 24, 2022

The Unshakeable Road to Love - Book Tour




Spiritual, Self Help, Relationships / Zen

Date Published: October 15, 2022

Build your relationships upon an Unshakeable Foundation, based upon Eternal Principles of Real Love.

Based upon the teachings of All World Scriptures, including Zen, the book explores the difference between Real and Counterfeit Love. As we do, it is easy to see that all suffering in relationships is due to being caught in the trap of Counterfeit Love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Monday, November 21, 2022

Lonely Dove - Book Tour


Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Multicultural Fiction

Date Published: September 27, 2022

Publisher: Koehler Books

Finalist for the 2022 American Fiction Awards for Multicultural Fiction

Sunday, November 20, 2022




Juvenile Fiction / Holiday

Date Published: 10/20/2020

Publisher: SparkPress


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Ever since Dexter and Dougal’s mom passed away, life has been different—but things take a whole new turn when a shooting star turns out to be a creature from outer space!

Gobbledy is a fun-filled holiday story that adds up to two brothers, three friends, unlimited jars of peanut butter, a ketchup factory, and one little alien far, far from home.

2021 Independent Press Awards Winner in Holiday

2021 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards Silver Medal Winner

2021 Book Excellence Awards Finalist in Holiday

Fairy Grandmother Series



Fairy Grandmother Series

All books are on sale for $1.99 thru Cyber Monday.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Mastering The Basics of Bitcoin and Crypto




Nonfiction / Business

Date Published: June 19, 2022

Thursday, November 17, 2022




Book Four of the Maison de Danse Quartet



Date Published: 12-01-2022

Publisher: Épouvantail Books


What do you do when the legal system refuses to deliver justice?

Izzy knows.

Conducting her own investigations and trials, she’s out on the hunt, righting wrongs in honor of the victims and their surviving families.

Raul of Bagni di Lucca



Historical Biography

Date Published: April 14, 2022

Publisher: Palmetto Publishing

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Abandoned in a foreign country at age thirteen, a gigolo before he was sixteen, a freedom fighter against the Nazis in the Italian underground at age twenty, and later a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany, Raul survived, inspired by the memory of a young girl who was waiting for him in a new and promising land that offered him love and endless opportunity. He survived when many did not, and rose from nothing to a level of greatness most will never achieve.

Exit Clause - Book Tour


Sharer Mystery, Book 2

Historical Mystery

Date Published: April 12, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

Knight of Destiny


 Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Clean & Wholesome

Date Published: November 17, 2022

Publisher: Wolf Publishing

In this sweet enemies-to-lovers Regency romance by Jennifer Monroe, a strongheaded woman meets her match when an arrogant knight vows to take over the very theater she cherishes.

Earn A Blackbelt In...



An Average Guy's Guide to Life


Nonfiction / Business

Date Published: Apr 27, 2022

Publisher: Elite Publications

Monday, November 14, 2022




Commercial Fiction

Date Published: February 23, 2023

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

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In the twilight of his NFL career as a middle linebacker for the Chicago Storm, Mike “the Steelman” Stalowski masks his physical pain and mental anguish with alcohol and painkillers. The fan favorite has a rebel image and a notorious reputation, and he plays a violent gridiron game fueled by inner rage. 

Mistletoe and Holly



The Desert Sage Inn Series, Book 4

Contemporary Romantic Women's Fiction

Date Published: 11/15/2022

 Publisher: Wild Quail Publishing

Rocky Mountain Yoga


(Rocky Mountain Romances, Book 1)



Date Published: 11.15.2022

Publisher: Dragonbooks Publishing House



Devil’s Boneyard MC, Book 12

Motorcycle Club Romance, Age Gap, Action & Adventure

Date Published: 11/18/2022

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Polly's Special Day - Debut


 Children's Book

Date Published: Aug 3, 2022

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

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The story of a lifelong memory given to a little girl by her father who grants her the gift of her dreams, which is... time!

What do #GIRL DAD’S DO? They show their daughters that quality time given to them doesn’t tick away. Quality time is recorded and locked in the heart to cherish and retrieved through the memory anytime they need it!

Infinite Sea of Stars - Release Blitz



Storm & Shadow - Demon Storm Book 2



Demon Storm, Book Two

YA Fantasy

Release Date: 11/13/2022

Publisher: Shadow Spark Publishing

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Bod Behavior - Book Tour


Personal Transformation, Self Help, Body Image

Date Published: 06-21-2022

My Brave Heart Warrior


 Illustrator: Andrew Laitinen

Children's Inspirational Books, Children's Christian Books

Date Published: January 31, 2022

Publisher: Lucid Books

The Quarryman's Girl - Book Tour



Fiction (General, Literary, Women's, Historical)

Date Published: 07-21-2022

Publisher: Mountain Lake Press

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Sister! a Natalie McMasters Mystery


A Natalie McMasters Mystery, Book 7

Crime Fiction

Date to be Published: Dec 5, 2022

Publisher: Tekrighter, LLC

In Lieu of a Princess



(#1 The Royals & Rebels Series)

Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Sweet Romance, Romantic Suspense

Date Published: November 10, 2022

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Dear Child



Stories About God's Love

Children's Inspirational Books, Children's Christian Books

Date Published: 8/16/22

Publisher: Lucid Books




Date Published: 09-27-2022

Publisher: Wolf Publishing

Shame-Free ADHD (and Anxiety)


Mindfulness for the Rest of Us


Date Published: October 2022

Power of Understanding



How Personality Influences Our Lives


Date Published: September 12th 2022

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex

Templeton Academy- the superhero high school is finally open!


The prestigious academy is recruiting the best of the best to enroll in its student body.


The school is as mysterious as it is exclusive.


Grady Whill thinks there is nothing special about him to make the grade.


However, his best friend, Aarush Patel has been selected and thinks Grady has the right stuff.


Even school bully Elwood Bledsoe is attending.


If Grady is fortunate enough to be picked, his guardian has forbidden him to attend.


Will a family secret prevent Grady from becoming the superhero he was destined to be?

Monday, November 7, 2022

What Am I?


 Illustrated by Isabella Smith

Children's / School and Social Issues

Date Published

July 1, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

The Winding Streets of Kolonaki



Historical Fiction / Modern Greek Fiction

The Year of Maybe



Act II of Nyra’s Journey

New Adult Romance

Date Published: November 2022

Publisher: PhoenixPhyre

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Secrets in the Mirror



Dysfunctional Family Saga that escalates into Psychological Thriller

Date Published: Sept 13, 2022