Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Coach's Wife


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The Cinderella Coyotes of State University are in the Final Four, poised to win the NCAA National Championship in basketball—the culmination of March Madness. For Marla Conners, she's proud of her husband Neal, and his achievement of coaching a collegiate team to the pinnacle of his career and the ultimate victory for his team. Yet, Marla's idyllic life is about to be viciously attacked and torn apart by a different madness—her husband's reputation ruined, a university disgraced, and she finds herself on trial accused of first-degree murder.

The Coach’s Wife is rife with spine-tingling suspense, conspiracy, deceit, and murder, sizzling and seductive passion, right down to the last second buzzer-beating heroics. This is also a candid and vivid behind-the-scenes portrait of Division One college basketball, university politics, money and corruption, and all the lives that are blessed and ruined by it all.

My Review...

A lot going on in this book. I’m not sure whether to call the genre, crime, suspense, drama, etc. Even though I’ve listed a lot of elements, there wasn’t one thing confusing in this book. It’s intense. If you know basketball, you’ll know that part is real drama anyway:)

I love basketball so I loved reading the hype and what I’ll call familiar scenery. It was almost as if the Final Four was going on during the whole book. But there’s a Peyton Place going on right around the basketball so don’t think there isn’t something here for everyone. I enjoyed the read.

Barbara Casey has quite a few books published. Check it out. https://amzn.to/2RN1Xo7

Creatures of comfort


Historical Fiction

Date Published: April 21, 2021

Publisher: Ellipsis Entertainment LLC

At the height of WWII, Japanese forces occupy the Korean peninsula. Hana and Jina Bak are Korean at heart but divided in their affections for their "new culture." It would be normal teenage behavior if they weren't trafficked into being "Comfort Women" for the Japanese military. The girls must learn how to navigate the rules of the comfort station, ally themselves with powerful friends, and resist the temptations many sex slaves succumb to. With a newfound appreciation for sibling relationships and devotion to ones' family, the girls must decide the best way to get home before they lose their lives, their sanity, and their very souls. In the vein of the Joy Luck Club, Creatures of Comfort imbues the reader with a sense of fate vs. will, good and bad luck, and family ghosts.

Sunday, April 18, 2021



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Laurence Turner, a pharmacist from Sydney, is wracked with guilt after his fiancé dies on a sailing trip. The tragedy is followed by yet another fatal incident when he dispenses the wrong medication to a customer.

Laurence moves to the Clare Valley in South Australia for a fresh start, but when he stumbles across the dead body of a visiting American reporter, things take a turn for the worst.

The case explodes into far more than Laurence could ever expect with the arrival of a beautiful American woman, Skyler Hawthorne. Her troubles put Laurence in the path of both domestic and foreign agents, including a dangerous Russian spy who believes Laurence is hiding a secret.

my review...

I read this author’s book called Gun Kiss and loved it. It was full of action and suspense and characters that I loved. Talib seems to build his stories around a single character in both books. A character he is good at making you care about. He is, in fact, good at making you care and/or detest all of his characters by making them such a part of his vivid stories.

This is as well-written as the last book. I give very few 5 stars, but this most certainly deserves it. You’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat while reading.

I will be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for another book. Khalid Talib has several books published but Gun Kiss, Smokescreen and this one are his most popular and have great reviews. Check them out here.  https://amzn.to/3n0Yk9M

Worn Out Places


YA Contemporary (Social Issues)

Date Published: September 1st 2021

Publisher: The Blue Moth Press LLC

I can’t answer that question. I can’t tell him I’ve spent my whole life trying to disappear. I can’t tell him that I was born a drug addict. Or that I’ve been in foster homes so terrible I wished I didn’t exist. And I can’t tell him that last year ended any ambition I had to make it somewhere better in this world.

Drug addict parents. The foster care system. Living on the streets of New York City.

Zoie Cruz is used to an unflinching world that takes without giving back. But at seventeen she isn’t used to Northern Michigan, a family that wants her to succeed, and sobriety.

Everything changed on Christmas morning last year. Her social worker calls it a tragedy and her weekly Narcotics Anonymous meeting wants her to open up. All Zoie wants is to be left alone to get high.

When she meets local golden boy Dean, he’s determined to pull Zoie out of her darkness. And she’s determined to keep her walls sealed shut.

In a whirlwind struggle to stay clean, Zoie’s secrets can only stay hidden for so long...