About Me

Hi, I'm Kathy. It's possible you love to read or write if you got to my site. I post book tours for book promotion companies and individual authors. I review for both. I do a few other services that I enjoy. Please see my Services Page.  

I'll try to tell you a little bit about me but there is nothing very exciting about me other than a varied background.

I was adopted when I was a week old and grew up in a little bitty farm town in southern Indiana.

I was brought up alone by a wonderful strong mother who worked almost every day of her life. I began voice lessons when I was 13 and within two years that wonderful woman was driving me to Indiana University for voice lessons every weekend. A six-hour round trip. To this very day, I wonder how she did it. She taught me to be very independent and I owe her for it. It has served me well for years although it may have made me somewhat plain-spoken :)

I spent several years at Indiana University studying voice and performing. I received my music degrees and left on “wobbly” legs to try out my wings in the performing world.

I was fortunate to find gigs and perform classical music of all types and lucky to teach both privately and at a university. But...while music is a beautiful life it's also a very fierce competitive one. An unkind one at times.

So I left that life and spread my wings again, back to school for a Master’s in library science. A life filled with books and business and helping someone every day, be it running a library, helping people learn to read, or find a good book to run away and hide in.

And finally, before retirement I began a great business converting those old printed library cards into digital records in the proper cataloging format. I was very lucky to have a good business, but that was because I had great people who worked for me. 

So all of the above has left me with a total love for books and music. I think they go together.

I love creating and kicking around ideas, business, and marketing, but if left up to only my own impetus I’d have a book on my lap :). Mostly I guess...I just like to work.

If you'd like to contact me, please email me at: mka47401@gmail.com 

My thought for the day:  "Never confuse education with intelligence" - Richard Feynman