Tuesday, January 15, 2019

What would you do with a Million Bucks

$$$  This is much harder to decide than one would think…at least for me.

My immediate families are in good shape. All grown and supporting themselves. Some of it would still make a nice gift just for the fun of sharing.

My life is settled and I can’t say I am unhappy at all, although no amount of money would cure unhappiness anyway.  

We love to travel and camp but that isn’t impossible now.

See what I mean by difficult? So far I’ve really done nothing but list what I probably wouldn’t do with a million dollars.

There are many legitimate charities I would like to help. A million dollars can only stretch so far, but I think I’d like to help a few where even $5000 is a big donation.

I can’t say that one is more important than another. How in the world could someone say cancer is worse than hungry children, Parkinson’s should come first before Alzheimer’s and so forth? 
Many of the small charities live from day to day and usually only exist because of a few dedicated volunteers, I think that’s who I’d like to help.

 Scholarships and education are important to me too.  

Planning and saving is something every family should be doing. No matter how small or big the amount we have always tried to budget wisely but catastrophic things can happen. We are both already very aware of this. So saving some of that Big Bucks would be important to me.  

So I’ve just now been able to spend about $100,000 in my thinking.

What would you do with the rest? Let me know.  

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