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The Manifesto for Creative and Critical Thinkers

Nonfiction / Self-Help

Date Published: December 21, 2023

Publisher: Mindstir Media

This book is an exploration of original, critical, and creative thinking through the lens of my creative philosophy. It delves into the very essence of what it means to be human and provides a rational, abstract, and methodical examination of reality.

Philosophy, the love of wisdom, is the guiding principle behind this journey of reflection, self-expression, and enlightenment.

THINK is a bold and inspiring call to free our minds and embrace original thinking.

The philosophical approach that guides this book is designed to ignite a spark within us, to inspire and empower us to break free from the shackles of preconceived notions and legacy thinking that may hold us back. It is a call to embrace critical, original, and creative thinking on our own terms, so we can forge new paths forward. This is not just a book:

It is a revolution for the mind.

Innovation, disruptive creativity, and a nontraditional approach to marketing are hallmarks of Ivonne Kinser's work. As a result, she is widely recognized in the marketing industry as a thought leader on effective and disruptive marketing.

Each year, Ivonne delivers dozens of keynotes at marketing industry conferences where she addresses problem-solving, disruptive creativity, and innovation in the hope of inspiring creative change through the art of deep, strategic, and creative thinking.

As a seasoned marketing professional and accomplished author, Ivonne Kinser has dedicated over two decades to mastering the art of strategic, deep, critical, and creative thinking. Through her vast experience in both brand and agency settings, Ivonne has honed her skills to become a thought leader in innovative marketing.

Passionate about inspiring others, she shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise to encourage individuals to unlock their full potential and think in transformative ways. Her approach to problem-solving and disruptive creativity has captivated audiences at numerous marketing industry conferences and continues to spark change in the industry. By harnessing the power of strategic thinking, Ivonne empowers individuals and teams alike to reach new heights of success and innovation.

As a groundbreaking leader, Ivonne shattered glass ceilings by becoming the first Latina recipient of the DFW American Marketing Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has also earned a spot on the "100 Most Influential Latinas in the United States" list for two consecutive years and was honored with the coveted Changing the Game Award in the Brainwave category by the She Runs It organization in 2018.

Recognized as one of the "20 Women to Watch in Dallas Advertising," Ivonne's brilliance also shined when she was awarded the Shining Star Award by the American Advertising Federation.

As the innovation lead for the Avocados From Mexico's brand, Ivonne led the innovation agenda that put Avocados From Mexico on Fast Company's list of Most Innovative Companies in the world, and at the top one in the branding category.

Overall, her work has received more than 30 accolades and awards for creativity, innovation and high performance.


About the Author

Ivonne Kinser is a trailblazer in the marketing field, consistently challenging the status quo in her pursuit of creativity-driven exponential growth. Within the realm of marketing and innovation, Ivonne has carved out a distinguished reputation.

She boasts over 20 accolades for her creative, performance-driven, and innovative contributions, and notably, she became the first Latina to receive the Marketing Lifetime Achievement Award from The DFW American Marketing Association. She has also been included in the list of the 100 Most Influential Latinas in the US for two consecutive years.

Prior to that, she was honored with the Changing the Game Award in the Brainwave category when the She Runs It organization recognized her as one of the five women who fearlessly make bold moves and transform their brands and organizations.

Her impact transcends industries, leaving an enduring mark on the marketing landscape. Her unwavering passion for martech-led marketing innovation drives her to continuously seek groundbreaking strategies that propel brands to unprecedented heights. Her remarkable 20+ years in the field of marketing disruption have contributed to the redefinition of marketing in the industries she has left a mark on.

From pioneering the initial digital marketing initiatives for the world's largest airline, American Airlines across 20 Latin American countries in 2002, to leading the innovation agenda that propelled Avocados From Mexico to the top of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies list on a global scale in 2021, her career has made a lasting impact.

Ivonne is also an innovation advisor for the Food Institute and a frequent marketing lecturer at IPADE, Mexico's leading business school. Her leadership extends to serving on the boards of both the DFW American Marketing Association and the University of North Texas' College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism. Moreover, she contributes as an honorary member of the DFW Interactive Marketing Association's board.

In June 2023, she founded Vantage Innovation Lab, a marketing firm dedicated to accelerating growth-driven innovation by integrating marketing technology in unique and disruptive ways.

Through her multiple ventures, from entrepreneur and founder to an author and speaker, her work is characterized by a nontraditional approach to marketing, guided by bold creativity and unconventional problem-solving.


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