Michael Okon Interview

 Why did you start writing?
a.       Always love the creative  freedom to tell your story, and create a universe.
Did you ever think it would pay the bills? Or do you hope that one day it will?
a.       Hope one day it will.

Who is your favorite author? Why?
a.       Michael Crichton. All day. His stories are flawless. You cannot stop reading after the chapter is over. You always want to know what happens next.

 Have you ever received a rejection letter? If so, how did you recover?
a.       (In a sarcastic voice) No, never. Things happen flawlessly for me.

5      Do your books simply come to you, or do you struggle for each chapter?
a.       They simply come to me.  Once I start beating out the story, it flows like a river.

     What is one genre or sub-genre you wish you could try writing in?
a.       Western.

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