Jean Grant Interview

Jean M. Grant, A Hundred Breaths
Our Town Book Reviews
Feb 18th

Give us a picture of where you write, where you compose these words…is it Starbucks, a den, a garden…we want to know your inner sanctum?

The Writer’s Den…Surrounded by Legos.

Authors carve time out of nowhere. Some of us carve out our space as well, wherever it may be.

Imagine a large monitor beside the docked, streamlined laptop, pink Post-it’s all over the place (in an orderly fashion, of course), and clipboards with numerous charts…all nestled on a leather veneered consignment-store desk. A pile of books sit stacked at my feet (Ackerman & Puglisi’s Thesaurus series, along with Norse/Viking/Medieval/Scottish Myths books to just name a few), beside a box filled with promotion postcards for three upcoming releases. My favorite Septarian rock specimen from Utah, a Snoopy figurine, a squat vase of yellow kalanchoe, black and red pen (a must), pencil, and lip balm complete the picture.

And my space besides the desk oasis?

Currently, this former-scientist-turned-full-time author has staked claim to a glorified corner of her children’s playroom. I am certain many authors tuck their desk into a nook or crannie (ah, one day a beloved she shed?) so I am not alone in my little cave here. Given that my kids are in school most days, I can turn my back to the pile of dishes in the sink, swipe aside the errant Lego brick or marble, and look out my window upon the backyard. It works for me. I pop in earbuds and blast tunes when needed. A natural multitasker, I also write on my laptop anywhere I find a seat: couch, kitchen counter, or coffee shop.

If I have a hot cup of Joe next to me, I am golden. My muse has a way of finding me even through the Legos.