In Pursuit of Perfection

Does this book have a special meaning to you? i.e. where you found the idea, its symbolism, its meaning, who you dedicated it to, what made you want to write it?

Where do you get your storylines from?

This book is a combination of several ideas. I used to work in a corporation, and I know that climbing the ladder to success required more than just doing a good job. In ‘In Pursuit of Perfection’, Macy must juggle her workload, office politics and then the new guy who also challenges her work ethic. I’ve been there.

Was this book easier or more difficult to write than others?  Why?

This book was easy to write, or at least no more difficult than any other. I was able to draw on many of my experiences from the workplace. I’ve been in Macy’s shoes with an impending audit, a co-worker that threw up roadblocks and a computer that died when I needed it most.

Do you only write one genre?

I write in three genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense and Women’s Fiction. If anyone asked me to pick my favorite, I don’t think I could. Each one brings me a special kind of joy.

Give us a picture of where you write, where you compose these words…is it Starbucks, a den, a garden…we want to know your inner sanctum?

I have an office in my house. It’s a room I confiscated as soon as we moved in. I have a desk with lots of drawers that hold all the paper I tend to generate, and the many office supplies, I claim to need to write. On the back wall are three bookcases that hold books, I’ve read, the ones I want to read and the ones I use for reference material.

And finally, of course…was there any specific event or circumstance that made you want to be a writer?

I used to love writing poetry. Once my aunt who was also a professor at Southern University listened to me recite one of my creations. The way she complimented me, enforced my belief that writing was something I could do.

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