Sara Ohlin Interview

Does this book have a special meaning to you? i.e. where you found the idea, its symbolism, its meaning, who you dedicated it to, what made you want to write it? 
Yes!! Inspired by many authors I admired who built amazing worlds in their books, I started writing Handling the Rancher as a way to create a place in which I would love to live, surrounded by beautiful geography, lots of great family & friends, a charming town with cute shops & restaurants, and community. I dedicated it to my mom who passed away in 2011, but who gave me my love for reading.

Where do you get your storylines from? My novel ideas pop up in my head! Usually a new story or two will pop up when I’m knee deep in a different one, so I have way too many characters competing for my attention. Maybe this is why I have insomnia! They like to talk to me in the middle of the night.

Was this book easier or more difficult to write than others?  Why? Before I wrote this book I had written a memoir about my father’s war stories and how PTSD affects entire families. So, in a way, Handling the Rancher was much easier and much more fun. On the other hand, I hadn’t tried my hand at fiction often so I had a lot to learn. I’m still learning.

Do you only write one genre? No. I also write creative non-fiction and memoir.

Give us a picture of where you write, where you compose these words…is it Starbucks, a den, a garden…we want to know your inner sanctum? I usually write at my small, antique pine desk on my laptop. I’m surrounded by books and photos of people I love, some artwork my kids made for me, water and coffee. And I’m next to a huge window that lets in tons of sunlight! Also, our rescue pup, Fionn, a precious border collie usually sleeps right at or on my feet when I write. He doesn’t like me to be out of his sight. He’s my barnacle.

And finally, of course…was there any specific event or circumstance that made you want to be a writer? I always wanted to be a writer, and a chef, and restaurant owner! Lots of dreams! When I was really young I read Lois Lowry’s book A Summer to Die and that is the first book that ever inspired me to want to write.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!


  1. Sara, This is such an interesting interview and your book sounds just as interesting. I am so very sorry for leaving the "h" out of your Interview page but think all is set now.

    Maybe I should leave the "h" out of my name for penance -katy er I mean...kathy :)

    1. Kathy, no worries at all. It happens often. I really appreciate you fixing it and your kind words. I'm so happy to be here! I have another friend named Sara (no h) and we get h's on the end all the time. We once thought of adding h's to other's names just to see if they noticed. Te hee!!