Thursday, March 29, 2018

Private Lies by Cynthia St. Aubin

What do you do when your mom disappears right in front of your eyes? She’s sitting there in the crowd and then she’s gone. A mom you have been close to all of your life; just the two of you depending on each other. A mom that taught you how to be independent of all others except…her.
This is a suspenseful yet touching story. One very easy to read with plenty of twists and turns. Jane, the main character, seems to have quite a penchant for lying.  Some of it becomes humorous while other lies get her into plenty of danger. Jane is fun, smart, strong and definitely a handful. Determined to find out what has happened to her mother, she discovers many truths she did not necessarily want to know.
The characters in the story are very well developed, some I liked, some I didn’t, like a mystery should be.  I could picture them. As a reader, the ability of a writer to describe a character so well that I begin to know the characters is important to me.  It makes me become a part of the story and of course, keeps me reading. There were a few times I wanted to shake Jane but then I realized that in many ways the ability to evoke that much emotion in a reader is good character development from a writer isn’t it?
It appears that this book is Book 1 of a series titled “Jane Avery Mysteries”. If so, we should hope that St. Aubin is working on Book 2.

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