Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Favorite Things to do in Winter

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My Favorite things to do in the winter.

Well my Favorite things to do in the winter are boring...

I like to sit under my favorite blanket and read.

I like to have the fireplace roaring.

I love to cook comfort foods because winter is a really good excuse for stews and bean soups and chicken and noodles and cabbage and beef, well you get the idea.

I love to put on a big pot of soup. The kind that needs to simmer all day.

And…after a whole day of things that might get done, I like that time to sit together and watch something on Prime or Netflix or tv. Under my favorite blanket again…

How about a few "NOT my favorite things to do in winter…"

I hate to clean house no matter the season. It is difficult to stay under one’s favorite blanket and clean house. 

Laundry has no season that is fun to me.

Walking the dog is really hard in winter; cuddling the dog is not.

Oh and… I still hate to clean house all year round.

Oops I said that didn’t I?  :)

STAY WARM and Find a Good Book. There’s lots of them out there.


  1. Kathy - I think we were twins, separated at birth!!! Here's my link as a way of explaining that! ( hee hee)https://peggyjaeger.com/2019/01/23/winterwonderland-lsr-wednesdayblogchallenge/

  2. Oh, there's nothing like a roaring fireplace on a cold winter's day! I love that sort of thing, too.

    My Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge post.

  3. Walking the dog is really hard in winter; cuddling the dog is not. ... Amen!

  4. lol... I hear you on cleaning! And, you are welcome to come down to south Georgia whenever! I have spare rooms and cats.

  5. Those sound like great things to do. Much better than going outside!

  6. Another person who loves to make soups and stews.
    I hate laundry too.

  7. Comfort foods and not cleaning house. Perfect.

    My post is here: http://tanithdavenport.blogspot.com/2019/01/favourite-things-to-do-in-winter.html


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