Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fictional Universes I'd Rather Not Visit

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Wow, today's subject is really hard for me. Sounds like I'd like to live in lots of places since I can't find too many I don't want to visit but here are a few...

Southern Vampires Universe / Charlaine Harris / Dead Until Dark - I am just not a Vampire person at all.

Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines Sort of a Stepford Wives community except for you can’t leave but some people seem to, or do they? ooh, scary.

Mushroom Kingdom - a Super Mario Kingdom. Inhabitants‎: ‎Toads‎, ‎Goombas‎, ‎Koopas‎, ‎Humans‎, ... Well that should make it clear enough although sometimes I seem to be a goomba.

Animal Farm - a sort of fairy tale but yet real Orwellian Universe; his description of Stalinism. --a brutal dictatorship, built upon a cult of personality and enforced by a reign of terror. 

The Whoniverse just because I could never get into Dr. Who.

But where would I love to visit?

Well, I'd like to go to Narnia

And I'd love to go to Middle Earth and pet a Hobbit.


  1. Wayward Pines was a very creative TV show, but I wouldn't want to live there either. (I haven't read the book, so I can't comment on that aspect of it. :) )

    Animal Farm is another great choice. Were you surprised by the ending of that book? I sure was.

    And I'm chuckling at the thought of petting a Hobbit.

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    1. We're either very alike or both nuts Lydia:) No matter, it's fun whatever it is!

  2. hahah. My daughter had a rabbit when she was a kid, so I got all the petting out of my system. And I'd forgotten about Animal Farm - no way, no how would I want to visit/live there. Great choices ( even tho we differ on Middle earth, hee hee)

  3. I never got into Dr. Who, either. It's kind of a you're in it or you're not, no middle ground kind of thing. I couldn't do Animal Farm, either.
    Good post!

  4. I've tried and tried to like Dr. Who, but can't stand it... I'm glad I'm not the only one! Animal Farm is also a good choice! I think the only really furry part of a hobbit are their feet ... wonder if the fur is soft? :-D

  5. I just laughed out loud at work when I read 'Mushroom Kingdom'... because I WORK FOR A PLUMBING CONTRACTOR. No Mario or Luigi here though. :D

    As for Bon Temps, it's waaaaay too humid in Louisiana for this desert rat. : D

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  6. I loved the Mario Brothers movie! Although, I totally agree that the fungus among us was rather gross. ew! I would not want to live in the universe created by J.R. Ward or even Sherrilyn Kenyon - both series I enjoyed in the beginning then they got waaay too dark for me. It wasn't fun anymore- so I would never want to visit.

  7. The Southern Vampires series - definitely not. Be they dark or sparkly, I'm not a vampire person.

  8. I love Narnia, but only after the White Queen was defeated... so don't do cold. Thanks for coming by!