Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Most Romantic Moment

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Most Romantic Moment...

Yuck, blaaah, yick,

come on...nobody wants to talk about this do they? 

Maybe my problem is because it's been so long I can't remember, but that would make me old so I'm not saying that.

So, OK...once upon a time I had to have this scary surgery and on my way into the operating room I looked up and there was my husband with tears in his eyes. 

My tough old hard !@#$ manager husband (I married him because he was tough), my curmudgeon of a husband, scared to death about me not coming out of that room. 

Couldn't have been more sweet and romantic than offering to take me for a weekend someplace warm and that's saying a lot right now.

STAY WARM and Find a Good Book. There’s lots of them out there.


  1. That's really sweet... love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. HAHAHAHA ... yeah, agree about the weekend somewhere warm. We have good friends spending the winter in southern Calif and they keep sending pix of surfing and walking on the beach in their shorts. ::: grumble:: ....

    Re: your husband -- mine has cried only four times since I've known him (20+ years): our wedding, the birth of our daughter, and when our two dogs passed away. To guys like that, tears are A.BIG.DEAL. So, I can see how much that mattered.

  3. That's really lovely. I've never known my husband cry, but if he did, it would definitely be a Thing.

    1. Terrible to want someone to be sad isn't it but when you have someone that doesn't show emotion, it means a lot.


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