Wednesday, July 3, 2019

dahlias delight

My Review

Well, well, well. What a surprise. Not being familiar with Karen Tjebben’s work, I thought Dahlia’s Delights was a cozy. I even made some notes that it had quite a few of what I now call your “every day cozy pieces”.  A handsome cop, a thwarted female returning to her small coastal hometown, taking over or inheriting the family business, etc. Sounds like a cozy doesn’t it? I’m not making fun of them. I like them…easy and quick to read, always a little mystery, not too much violence. Well it was cozy, let me tell you. Really cozy between the baker and the cop.

I am making fun of my own naivete about Dahlia’s Delights. It was rather nice to have a detour from other stories…to have someone trying to ruin a business for a change instead of killing the owner. No dead bodies here. Not even an amateur sleuth. However, there is a certain amount of sexual content here, and I suppose it seemed even more explicit to me because I didn’t expect it. Romance, especially somewhat erotic romance are not my choice of genre. Although a surprise, this did not contain enough of either to ruin the read for me. While Dahlia might be a good baker and a delight to her old crush Mark, now a cop in little Avenel, she was also a delight as a character. All the important characters in Tjebben’s book were well-defined; easy to picture. 

This is Book 2 of a series titled “The Flowers of Avenel”. Karen Tjebbin has several other books published. All look to be of the romance genre and all have good reviews.


  1. Karen, I suppose you have heard that I'm new at this and didn't get everything posted. However, I have placed my review here and will definitely post it many places. I certainly enjoyed your book.

  2. thanks for hosting

  3. Hi Kathy, Thanks for your amazing review. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it. It’s always fun to hear what people enjoyed about the story. I appreciate your help with the book tour. I’m working on book 3 in The Flowers of Avenel Series. - Senna’s Secret. It should be ready for this fall.

    1. So very glad you are working on another book and that you enjoyed my review. I enjoyed the book.


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