Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Coasters Rule - Book Tour


Fantastical Realism 

Date Published: September 26, 2023

An adventure of fantastical realism told through the eyes of twenty-year-old college sophomore Sofia Sommers. Traveling to Grand Cayman for spring break...

 Sofia and her childhood friend are looking forward to a peaceful, relaxing week soaking up the sun and decompressing after mid-term exams. Tragedy strikes and Sofia is rescued by the Coasters, a reclusive tribe of merfolk led by the ethereal, mohawk-haired Empress Sundrea, who is not only a benevolent leader, but a fierce warrior in her own right.

Sofia discovers her misfortune was the work of the Dwellers, a murderous gang of mermen human traffickers hell-bent on creating their own deviant gene pool and ultimately a bloodline of immortal disciples.

Come along with Sofia as she must decide whether or not to put her life on the line and assist the Coasters in their endeavor to reclaim a life-altering piece of their ancient history from the hands of Overlord Mercaro and his barbaric band of Dwellers.

Read An Excerpt Below

About the Author

I am originally from Western New York and have lived my adult life in northern New Jersey. For the last twenty years, I have been a stay-at-home dad raising two independent and compassionate daughters. I self-published a collection of prose entitled AFTERTHOUGHTS and am also a songwriter who enjoys playing the bass guitar. When not writing, I love spending time with my two rescue dogs and traveling to Comic Cons with my wife Lori.


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Excerpt from "Coasters Rule"

I sit at the edge of a slow, shimmering body of water, the approximate size of the plastic swimming pool I played in as a child. The liquid swirls in shades of mint and laurel green. The colors become watered down and transparent in the center. A bottomless spring sparingly feeds its growth. Patches of moss creep over the rocks along the pool’s circular border.

The cave is eerily silent now. No motion, except for the subtle breaths upon my chest. I wipe sweat from a brow. My entire body throbs with pain. I am out of tears. My left foot is suspended above the ripples. They call to me. I know the future hangs, like my dangling digits, on my very next movement.

The pool continues to whirl. I stare at its center. The water is hypnotizing as it coils along the rounded, weathered stone. Small swells roll over the edge and disappear into earth. I force my body to shift position. The weight on my heart is both comfort and agony. I realize I am now in shock as the pain subsides and is replaced by tingling and numbness. I pull my right leg out from under me. I lie flat with my feet suspended above the eye of the pool. It invites me in. All ten toes begin their descent . . .

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