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Jeremy isn't surprised his grandfather died. He's surprised he had one.

When the family travel to Cumbria for the funeral arrangements, he realises his grandfather had an important job to complete. Jeremy's grandfather was part of the Order of the Magi, who trapped an evil spirit away from our world, using the power contained within heartstones, and hidden in special places around the county...

But the heartstones need recharging every hundred years, so Jeremy and his strange new friend must find each stone, and complete dangerous tasks to prove they are worthy, before the power of the stones runs out and evil has control over the world.

my review...

Jeremy is one of those kids who doesn’t make friends easily. He’s one of those smart, special kids who unfortunately get laughed at. But when his grandfather dies, one he didn’t even know about, he and his family make a trip to close the house and get ready for the funeral. He sure had no idea what was at stake in this magical place.

I had so much fun with this. I’m too old to be a middle-grade reader :) but Clemency Crow sure caught my mind and my imagination from the beginning. I’m not sure whether it is her way of describing a scene or possibly creating emotion that makes you want to read on. There is no reason anyone of  tweenage reading level or even YA age won’t enjoy this fun, fast couple hundred pages. 

read an excerpt...

Jeremy fumbled around to try and find something he could use to defend himself, but there was nothing but the door. The only way he could escape alive was by going through there, but that would mean leaving Ben with the creature. Still, as the dragon advanced on him and opened its mouth to reveal the glow of fire, Jeremy grasped the door handle. Ben was still too far to make it in time, and Jeremy felt the fear mix with anger than Ben was putting both their lives in danger. The door handle was like a magnet. He could get out of the danger, and Ben was capable enough to find his own way out.

Jeremy froze. This wasn’t him. And Ben would never consider such a thought if the roles were reversed. What had been written in the flowers as the password? Hadn’t Ben been the first person he truly trusted? He couldn’t leave him to die here while he escaped to safety. He was disgusted he’d even considered it.

The serpent, during this time, had decided against fire, perhaps because it had failed to work last time. As Jeremy’s thoughts were brought back to the room, he realised the dragon was leaning its head back into order to getting more power when it struck. It had lowered its venomous fangs to attack him, and Jeremy tried to dodge out of the way, but the fire around him made it difficult to find a safe route away from the fangs. With a speed which would have impressed Jeremy if he had been thinking straight, Ben rushed forwards and pushed him out the way.

Jeremy watched in horror as the dragon lunged forwards and sank its poison into Ben’s arm, which he had raised to protect his head.

about Clemency Crow...

Clemency is a primary school teacher, children’s author, and illustrator, based in rural Caithness with her family and two needy spaniels. In fact, Clemency is typing this one handed, because Jess cries if she isn’t stroked for five seconds.

When she isn’t writing, Clemency loves designing new parts of her garden, trying to find plants that will withstand the 70mph winds that are likely to batter them. She is oftentimes to be found tearing her hair out at the prevalence of ground elder in the flower borders, while cultivated species struggle to survive.

Clemency’s favourite genre to write, and read, is fantasy adventure. This gives her ample opportunity to put her long suffering characters in perilous situations.


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  1. I'm looking forward to reading this book. Thanks for sharing and hosting this tour.

  2. Looks like a very interesting book.


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