Sunday, February 25, 2018


GENRES...which kind of book do you like????

Some people are excellent at enjoying many genres of reading material.  I have to say that is not so true with me.  So...I would enjoy your help when you read a fantastic book.

Send me a title and an author accompanied by the genre (this could mean mystery, sci fi, self-help, non-fiction, cooking, romance, etc.)  and maybe two or three sentences about why you liked the book.  Not what the book is about; people who like to read can figure that out by reading it.  To me, reviews are supposed to contain reasons I might like to read a particular book or maybe why you enjoyed a particular book.

You can place this info in a comment and I'll verify I received it within a few hours.  


  1. “Caroline: Little House, Revisited” by Sarah Miller. Genre: historical fiction.

    It was fascinating to me to experience Little House from the perspective of Ma instead of Laura. All sorts of things flew over the heads of the children in that family entirely.

    There are a handful memories of my childhood I have that my parents remember in totally different ways. (e.g. I remember being forbidden from ever going into the attic. They remember asking me not to go into a closet because our landlord had stored some personal items there.)

    It's funny to see how differently children and adults remember and interpret certain things. You might really like this book.


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