Saturday, January 6, 2018

My favorite genre: Mystery

My favorite series (can't list just one):
 Cat in the Stacks Mystery by Miranda James
 Trash 'n' Treasures Mystery by Barbara Allan
 Joe Pickett by C.J. Box
 Joe Pike by Robert Crais
 Bibliophile Mystery by Kate Carlisle
 Alison Reynolds by J A Jance
 Jack Reacher by Lee Child

Little known authors that I LOVE
 Ellery Adams
 Marion Hill Moore
 Blake Crouch
 Jo Hiestand
 Howard Blair
 R. Scott Mackey

Long Loved Authors:
  I say "long-loved" because there are so many authors today that come to mind.

Ayn Rand
Lillian Braun
Robert Crais
Robert Coban
John D MacDonald
C.J. Box
Louis L'Amour

How I choose a book to read:
I'm not really a "look at the cover" person.  I tend to read the first paragraph and most of the time I'm not wrong about enjoying the book.

However, I have learned that I don't have to read every book I pick up.  It took a long time for me to realize it wasn't a bad thing to just "stop" when I wasn't enjoying a book.

Are you a hard copy person or a digital reader?
  Being a retired librarian I thought I would always want the feel of a "book" in my hands but that has become untrue.  I love reading with my Kindle or Nook or even just a .pdf file on my Tablet.  I can adjust the light, I can adjust the text size, it isn't as heavy, I don't even have to hold a page open  :)

About Reviews (as a reader):
 I don't like reviews that tell too much of the story
 I don't like long reviews
 I like reviews that just give me a quick view of the reviewer's opinion


  1. I'm going to have to look into some of those authors. I'm a pretty prolific reader, but even so -- some of them are new to me! Here's my Saturday Seven if you'd like to stop by. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for playing with us today! I, too, never thought I'd prefer digital books over print, but I really do. I mostly read before I go to bed anymore, and having the tablet with the backlighting really helps (that way I don't have to get up to turn off the light (*G*). I'm also starting to get arthritis in my hands, so heavy books can be hard on me.

    Again, thanks for the post!

  3. That's the fun part of all of this isn't it? More reading...Yippee.

  4. I want to check out some of your authors as well-- I love mysteries and like Box, Jance, and Child. Have saved your list of little known authors. Thanks for the heads up. I'm a former librarian as well and can so identify with liking ebooks. It took me a long time to buy a reader - now I'm hooked!

  5. I have the same approach to picking out books. An alluring cover is a nice bonus, but that first paragraph will give me a very good impression of whether or not I'll actually like the story itself.

    Here is my Seven Saturday post: :)

  6. Lydia, Nice blog. How in the world could I ever have forgotten Charlotte Bronte or C. S. Lewis or Pearl Buck or Wilder but then see...that's what this is all about. A way to make a list of what we want to remember again. Thanks for helping.

  7. I'm a huge fan of mysteries myself! And I hear you on converting to digital - when the carpal tunnel gets so bad you can barely hold a fork, attempting to read a hardback simply doesn't work. But - books are books, right?

    Great list!

  8. Well...when the idea of a list was brought up I thought "I can never think of those things". As you can see, I had fun doing it. I also have to admit that it isn't carpal tunnel with me it's getting a little shaky when I hold anything for hours. I am NOT old though...just a little shaky :)
    Stay warm and thanks for the visit.


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