Sunday, June 24, 2018

Widow's Wreath

Widow's Wreath by Cynthia Wriggs
      published by Crooked Lane Books


A murder mystery where the groom is so horrid everyone wants to kill him.  This is a fun read about two greedy and very poor people thinking the other is rich and determining to marry one another. Penny is penniless (I could not resist writing that) and her soon to be betrothed, Rocco, has been cut off by his father. They just don’t quite know it yet. The joke is on both of them but only one is the nasty, selfish, self-centered person almost everyone on the island wants to do away with.  It seems the wedding is planned and everyone begins to show up at the house of Penny’s elderly, sweet, very wise cousin, Victoria Trumbull.  

There were a lot of characters in this story and sometimes that can confuse the storyline or the reader for that matter. This didn’t seem to be the case with Rigg’s story. Each character had a very distinct personality making it easy to keep track of who was who so to speak. The same is true of the description of Victoria Trumbull’s beautiful home. I wanted to visit it. As I said, I enjoyed this story and it kept me interested enough to keep the pages turning fairly fast.

This is book 14 of a series titled Martha’s Vinyard Mysteries. They seem to all have good reviews so should be worth the time checking out.

**This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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