Friday, April 27, 2018

Murder in the Locked Library

Another book set in Storyton and a place I’d love to live.  Well, and eat, and sleep, and read; all the true necessities of life. Surrounded by books and book conversations and more books as well as good guys (the Fins) who are like the Knights in Shining Armor. The Fins are always there watching over the dear twins, Fitz and Hem. Somehow I just bet you readers can figure out who they are named after.
This book, well this whole series is like an enigma.  Not something difficult to understand but puzzling and secret; almost like a King Arthur and Excalibur story and a cozy mixed together. It’s a mixture of this scene of a beautiful castle with gorgeous gardens and a sleepy little town with cute and funny friends. There are references to books many of us have read in our lives and of books most of us would give almost anything to get just one look at.

Do I seem like I’m being a cheerleader? While it isn’t my natural personality it is what I’m doing for this book. I suppose the previous paragraph gives you an idea of just how well I think Adams has described both the scenes and settings of this series and he has done just as well with his characters. There are some wonderful people you would love and there are those you would hate as in any mystery.  He is so good at characters and description that there is a cook I would give anything to meet and to be able to eat at her table.  And his library scenes; I can just see myself curled up in a chair with a book on my lap, surrounded by more books.  See, it’s so life like I forgot it was fiction again already.

This particular book is not numbered in this series titled “Book Retreat Mystery” but by my count it is number 4. I have enjoyed all of Ellery Adam’s series but this one just seems to be one of those stories you want to be able to live in.  Hurry up and write another Ellery.

**This book was provided to me free of charge for an honest review.

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