Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Strawberries and Strangers

Cozy Mystery

Exclusive beach party takes a murderous turn.

Dumped by her cheating husband, Jenny King is trying to build a new life in the small seaside town of Pelican Cove. Locals are lining up at the Boardwalk Café for her tasty cakes and muffins. But when her aunt is accused of killing a stranger, Jenny is forced to set her apron aside and put on her sleuthing cap.

Jenny battles with the cranky local sheriff and quirky local characters to get to the truth. Aided by her new friends, she will move heaven and earth to find out who the dead stranger was and what he was doing in Pelican Cove.

If you like cozy murder mysteries with friendly small towns, scenic settings, yummy food and a touch of romance, you will like Strawberries And Strangers.

Buy now and get hooked on the brand new Pelican Cove Cozy Mystery Series. Book 2 and Book 3 are coming soon in May 2018.

Cute cozy in the small town of Pelican Cove. Jenny is a fantastic cook who came to live with her Aunt Rebecca, who now wants to be called Star. If you’re wondering if Star was once a hippie, you got it. After breaking off a really bad marriage, Jenny cooks in a restaurant called Boardwalk Café. This is a cute mystery so there has to be a dead guy, right? Well this one happens to have Star’s paintbrush in his hand.
This is just a fun, easy read. It has all of your characters present for a cozy setting in a small town. The sweet café owner, Petunia, the good friend, the snoopy ladies group as well as a snooty ladies group and of course, a handsome cop. The characters came alive and the town was described so well I wanted to live there. I thought there were a few times that Jenny seemed a little over-ardent about clearing her aunt, but then I think you have to have a reason for your amateur detective to keep “detecting” or you’d have no plot.

Leena Clover has two series available online.  This is Book 1 of the Pelican Cove Cozy Mystery series. Better check them all out.

***This book was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

The Newburys were the richest family in the town of Pelican Cove. Although they didn’t share the honor of being the ‘first family’, they tried to make up for it with plenty of wealth. Rumor had it their coffers were full of gold, gold they had dug up from the sea. They had a sprawling ocean facing estate spread over ten acres. Unlike most houses in town, it was newly built. Anything built in the last fifty years was considered new in Pelican Cove.

“But you’ve been open twenty five years, haven’t you, Petunia?”

“That’s just how long I owned this café, dear. It was around a long time before that.”

“So the Newburys never came to the Boardwalk Café?”

“They got rich in the great storm,” Petunia whispered, leaning forward. “And they built that big castle of theirs.”

“Upstarts!” Star snorted.

Petunia rolled her eyes and turned toward Jenny.

“They got rich and uppity, I tell you. I guess they thought coming to this café was beneath them.”

“Then why have they hired us now?” Jenny asked.

Leena Clover will be awarding  a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Leena Clover grew up reading mystery books. Some of her favorite authors are Agatha Christie, M C Beaton and Donna Andrews. Now she is trying her hand at writing whodunnits, making them as nail biting as possible while keeping them cozy. Her love for food is evident in all her books. Readers can find yummy treats in the pages of her books, along with friends that last a lifetime.

Connect with Leena at her website http://leenaclover.com or write to her. She looks forward to hearing from you.

The book will be on sale for only $0.99.



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