Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Whisper of Water

from the Linn House Mysteries series by Jessie McAlan

My Review of a great book.  Any questions feel free to leave a question. I'm sure I can get Jessie McAlan to answer.

In this third book of the Linn House Mysteries series, Rona Murray seems to have really dug her heels in and decided to make a well-known business of her beautiful Linn House. She still has her B&B and her delicious bakery.  She serves lunches for a few of the clubs in the area, but she’s added the Linn House Events Center too.  Jonny happens to still be around working on his art gallery but there can be no question his heart is set on winning back Rona, his ex-wife. There is just so much going on in Klim, Missouri. There is a great Festival. The theater group is trying to present Macbeth and seems to run into one problem after another. Is it the Macbeth curse? Is this throwing another shadow on Rona’s beautiful Linn House? Rona begins to get some cancellations…again.

Jessie McAlan is on top of her game once again. Her descriptive writing helps you become a part of her story and makes you want to see the beautiful banks of the Mississippi. Sometimes I catch myself going back over a paragraph and reading it out loud because I want to feel the flow and rhythm of her words.

Her characters come alive as they always seem to do for her and while some become your friends, she has you wondering whether it is friend or foe that performed the dastardly deeds. Something I guarantee you won’t figure out til the end.

If I can’t make a reservation at the Linn House B&B and watch the boats drift by on the Mississippi, I sure would like to have Book 4 to read. Hope it’s coming soon.

In 2001 Jessie graduated from Webster University with a BA degree and departmental honors in English.
She lives in the St Louis, MO area, and spends as much time as she can writing mysteries and watching the barges on the river.


  1. Thank you for the super review of my book, Kathy. Glad you liked it. They're fun to write. Book 4 picks up very soon after A Whisper of Water ends -- the play must go on!


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