Saturday, August 11, 2018


Paradox by Catherine Coulter
            published by Simon & Schuster

My Review

This was my first experience reading Catherine Coulter and how lucky I am that she has written so many books for me to read. The title most certainly matches the storyline. I can’t help but wonder how an author lays out such an intricate plot. There must be a blueprint drawn up first like an architect would draw or maybe a mathematician with a long equation. One thing about this deep and complex plot is
that it is not hard to follow. This is a book you must focus on when reading because it has plenty of twists and turns but then this isn’t a cozy. It’s a complex novel of the crime fiction genre.

When you read a book and immediately like the characters and the relationships between them, I think this is due to the skill of the author in defining and describing them to a point where you can get to know them. I immediately liked Savich and Sherlock. I felt the same about Ty and Sala. Well, this isn’t fair…I felt the same way about Gunney and her Godfather too. Heck, I guess I liked them all, except for the bad guys, of course. 

Another thing that was done well is the technique of combining two very serious, very complex crimes at the same time. This switching back and forth can often be confusing and very frustrating but somehow Coulter manages to keep her storyline weaving throughout all the time. Making you only anxious to read more about each crime and wanting to get back to it to know what is happening. Quite a feat or maybe just excellent writing.

***This book was provided to me by NetGalley and all opinions are definitely my own.

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