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Silent Whispers

Nonfiction-New Age
Date Published: August 31, 2019

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Tami, Tina and Andrea continue their travels seeking, and finding, deceased children who have been tortured through human experiments—and need to cross over. What they were not entirely expecting to encounter were other individuals and their profound control. Fewer children would speak of their human abductors, but instead speak of others—ones who could potentially do even more harm. Along the journey, these three women also encounter beautiful beings of compassion and love who offer a light guiding them to the unseen. Through that, the power within is palpable and abundant.

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The Glass

In a Wyoming hotel room, Tina and I were chatting and enjoying our morning coffee  when we heard Andrea yelling from the bathroom.

“You guys! Come in here!”

Tina and I looked at each other without moving.

Was she serious?

“Seriously, you need to see this! Come in here, quick!”

“I’m not going in there! She just turned off the shower, she’s naked!” I said.

“I’m not going in there either!”

“Come in here, you have to see this!”

Again, Tina and I looked at each other.       

“I guess it’s me since you’re not getting up,” I said.

Setting down my coffee, I apprehensively headed to the bathroom.

I really hoped she wasn’t going to show me spiders.

Walking in I looked at Andrea, covered in a bath towel.

She pointed to the glass wall that separated the sink from the toilet.

Turning to see what she was pointing at, I felt electric impulses moving up my back  and neck, my eyes widened, and my hand covered my mouth while I took a moment to figure out what I was seeing.


I turned back to Andrea, feeling shocked and amazed.

“Oh my God...Tina! Come in here! You have to see this!” I yelled.

Andrea and I stood there and just stared at the wall.

Tina walked in and looked at us.

“Close the door to keep the steam in!” Andrea said and then pointed to the wall.

Tina stared at the wall in wonderment.


About the Author

Tami works with people across the United States and Europe as a medium connecting people with their spirit guides and beings of compassion and wisdom. Through this work, Tami can offer life guidance and direction to those seeking an understanding to life's (sometimes) difficult questions.
She also writes books based her own experiences~most recently in assisting traumatized children in crossing over.

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