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By the time I’d read Book 1, I knew that Jo Hiestand was great at developing characters, be they the good guys or girls, or the bad ones. I also realized she could write so descriptively that she could help you “be in the moment”. She could make you feel as if you were right in the story; almost see your surroundings.  Then Michael McLaren, retired cop extraordinaire comes into the picture. He’s definitely hunky by Hiestand’s description and alone, at least for a while. Amid all of the above is a good mystery with suspense, action, the occasional bit of humor and of course the damsel in distress, Dena.

Then came Book 2 in audiobook format. Could a narrator possibly get all of what I have described across to the listener? I couldn’t help but wonder. There’s so much depth to the story it seems a narrator would almost have to perform a Vulcan mind-meld. However, this narrator, Tristan Kopta, seems to have done it. Since I got Book 2 as fast as I could when I finished Book 1, I had already read Book 2. I knew the ending and I still felt the tension, the fear, and the suspense as the narrator told the story of Michael McLaren and Dena. It was like getting a two-fer. I got to read it and then I got to hear someone put their own spin on the story as a narrator.

I happen to know there are 11 books in this series so far. Not enough, but at least 11. That’s 11 two-fers as soon as all of the books have an audiobook. Can’t wait. 

Jo A. Hiestand can usually be found at her computer, which is good, since she writes three 
mystery series.  It seems a natural progression from her job as a graphic artist – crafting word images on a sheet of paper instead of creating graphics on the computer screen. Between the two computer stints, she lived in Britain for her semi-pro folk singing career and became friends with several English police detectives. The latter relationship was not a consequence of the former calling, however, but all these UK aspects find their way into her books. When not tapping on the keyboard, Jo enjoys reading, baking, and photography. She lives in the St Louis area with her cat, Tennyson, and way too many kilts.

Jo's Favorite authors and books in this genre. 
Well, first that comes to mind is just about any book from Ngaio Marsh. Some of my favorites of hers are Scales of Justice, Overture to Death, and Death at the Bar.  I also like Josephine Tey a lot, especially The Daughter of Time. PD James is another of my favorite authors, as well as contemporary author Charles Todd.  I loved Ann Cleeves’ Shetland Island series. As you can tell, I tend to like the slower paced books that have a  lot of description and character development.



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