Sunday, April 26, 2020

Hid from Our Eyes

A new book from NetGalley I really enjoyed...

A good fast read. Who couldn’t want to read a who-dunnit that happened in a town called Miller’s Kill? It may be that the town name gives you an idea of a cozy. No one likes a good cozy more than I do but this is more. More elements, more depth to the characters and maybe a deeper plot. I loved reading a  mystery about a crime years ago. Could it be connected? Could it have been people you talk to face to face today? Lots of suspense and the author kept you guessing.

As I said there is more to this story than one might think. I liked the characters. Who would think a female priest could be one of the main characters and a pretty good amateur sleuth? To me this was a plot that didn’t have as many characters involved and sometimes that’s a relief. No figuring out who’s who all the time.

This is Book 9 from a series titled “A Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery (Fergusson/Van Alstyne Mysteries)”. Ok, ok, the series title  is a little long. Maybe even more than a “little” long. Nonetheless, the read was well worth my time and I think I’ll jump back and read another.

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