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I Think It Might Rain


Meet Bartholomew, a curious, kind and sweet third grader. One day, Bartholomew wakes up and is convinced he sees a black cloud forming in the clear blue sky. "I think it might rain," he proclaims. But what happens when his family, friends, and classmates don't believe him? Will he be able to stand up to the bullies who call him names? Will he hold firm in his beliefs?

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While the clock ticked towards afternoon recess, the sunny sky grew darker and darker. Soon, a fine mist of rain had turned into a steady stream of drops. There was no thunder and no lightning, just the type of perfect warm rainstorm that all kids love to play in. As Principal Rodney’s announcement of cancelling recess boomed out of the classroom speaker, Bart, rain gear in tow, had already headed out to the schoolyard, his hands waving happily in the air.

For the next 15 minutes, as his friends peered out of the classroom windows, Bart ran, jumped, did cartwheels, and stomped his feet in the biggest puddles he could find. He had the whole schoolyard all to himself. When recess ended, Bart hung up his coat and hat, removed his wet boots, and went back to his desk.

about Richard Marchand...

Richard Marchand and Nicole Herbut are a father/daughter, grandfather/mother, author/illustrator team creating picture books for young boys and girls. Their stories centre on a young boy named Bartholomew and his family and friends. They are designed to convey a simple yet meaningful message that can help young children learn from and grow with. Rick's stories were developed with his own daughters who at a very young age wanted him to "read a story from his mouth" and not a book.


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I Think It Might Rain

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