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Let's Hide from Mom


Let's Hide From Mom is a true story of Radha having difficulty going to sleep. Every night she finds different places to hide since she does not want to go to bed. Krishna tries to go along with her game but ends up going to sleep in some corner. Mom tries her best to calm Radha down every day by giving her a treat: a small piece of cucumber. Radha learns that when lights are turned out, she must wind down and try to go to sleep. She also learnt that she must learn to fall asleep on her own and that Krishna cannot always play with her, since he goes to sleep early. Radha is still trying to find her comfort zone. She is very active and loves to play. Just like us humans, pets also have sleeping issues or sleeping disorders that we are not aware of, until we tune ourselves to their senses.


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Great illustrations. The words of this children's book are easy and spaced out, making it an easy reader for some. The story is cute, full of cute turtles. It can also be read to a child. The prose are a bit sing-song making them easy to read.  

Parimalasri Docktor, the author of Where is he? Tank the Tortoise, Tortoise Goes to the Vet, and Let's Hide From Mom, was featured in CBS-3 News coverage in Philadelphia. She has had the opportunity of book-signing events in and around the Philadelphia region. She has sold her books internationally as well. This book, Let's Hide From Mom, is a sequel to her second book, Tortoise Goes to the Vet.

Being called the "tortoise whisperer," the author enjoys her interactions with her pet tortoises. Having four tortoises helps the author to be more creative and encourages her in writing and illustrating her own books. The author self-taught digital art, and this is her second book that is fully illustrated by her.



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