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As the Cloaked Shadow, Fawkes has made his career breaking into prisons for any contract with a large enough purse. He takes advantage of the kingdom's impending revolution by
playing both sides of the conflict. Each rescue contract he fulfills turns a tidy profit until he angers the wrong duke.

Charlotte is a criminal-in-training who yearns to crack her mentor’s guarded fa├žade, but is unprepared to confront the depths of his dark past. As her sense of right and wrong blurs, Charlotte discovers just how far she will go for the Cloaked Shadow and the sacrifices he requires.
Now hunted throughout the land, Fawkes must face long-buried secrets in order to survive, but they could destroy him. Charlotte risks everything, including her heart, to set Fawkes on the path to redemption.
Will Charlotte have the strength to pull Fawkes into the light, or will she follow him into the shadows?

Occasionally if you’re lucky, someone comes along that you do what is best for that person no matter the sacrifice to yourself. It might be a friend, a child, or another loved one. Often this trauma can drive you to the very end of your rope; maybe to the end of your life. That’s what this story is about. It’s almost like Robin Hood and his trusty sidekick except in this case, the sidekick is a young lady. A story of how we ladies have come to prove we can stand and learn right along beside the men.
The storyline involving the young lady is about a young girl trying to save her brother from the horrid confines of prison and fortunately running into the “Cloaked Man” trying to save someone else. Poor Charlotte saves her brother but loses her mother to the Duke’s men and barely escapes with her life. What follows are even more difficult and horrid times except that is…for the cloaked man.
These are strong characters; some likeable and some not. Then again bad guys aren’t supposed to be likeable, are they? There is a little love interest here, but it is not a strong point of the story at all. Not by any means strong enough to make it a romance to me although it does have a genre of Historical/Fantasy/Romance listed.
This was a quick read for me and really and truly a sweet story even with all the King’s men and all the King’s horses trying to kill the good guys.
This is a debut novel for Taylor Hobbs and something she should really be proud of. Her website you’ll see listed below is worth checking out too.

Read an excerpt...
Fawkes’ attack pressed Charlotte backward, and soon they were outside. As Charlotte’s feet slipped in the mud, she realized she had lost her size advantage. Lightning cracked across the sky, illuminating her surroundings long enough to blind her, and she failed to anticipate the next punch. It landed hard on her right shoulder and spun her around.

Before she could steady herself to counter, her arm was wrenched behind her back. Fawkes had a grip on it with one hand, the other around her throat. She stood flush against him, feeling his harsh breath and pounding heart as it beat against her back. They stood like statues, neither one of them wanting to the first to break the spell.
The roar of thunder made her jump and brought them back to reality. “I’ve gotten better, haven’t I?” Charlotte couldn’t help asking. She’d meant it as a quip, but it came out too hopeful.

She felt Fawkes sigh, tensing his hold on her before dropping his grip. With her back still to him, she waited for his answer. Instead, his hand brushed wet hair back from her face before a finger traveled down and traced her jawline. Charlotte leaned into the touch, but then it was gone. She turned to see only darkness, and then a flash of lightning showed his tall frame heading back to the cave.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Taylor Hobbs lives aboard a 38 ft sailboat named Story Time with her husband, baby girl, and dog. They are a military family and who love to travel, whether it is by sea or air. When she's not writing, Taylor enjoys doing yoga and planning her next adventure. You can keep up with their crazy life at or follow on Twitter at @tayhobbit.

Cloaked is her debut novel and can be found at

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