Sunday, September 30, 2018

Puzzles and Books

Word puzzle lovers!  

Announcing McLaren and Peak District quarterly puzzle contests you can play and perhaps win!  

All contests are based on information about McLaren and some of the McLaren Mystery novels, or on the Peak District mysteries.  First person to email the correct answers to the puzzle(s) to me gets a choice of an Amazon or B&N gift card -- $15 card for submitting the first correct answers to the crossword puzzle, and $10 card for submitting the first corrected word search puzzle.  Answers must be received by Nov 1, 2018.  

More information and how to enter are under WORD CONTESTS at

Read Jo Hiestand's latest McLaren book...PHOTO SHOOT


Once again in Book 9 of the McLaren series, Jo Hiestand has McLaren headed deeper into Scotland to try and renew his relationship with the McLaren clan. After winding up another case, he finds out he has missed an invite to his Uncle’s wedding. When he calls his grandfather and says he’ll still be coming, he has no idea what faith his family has in him. He is only driving towards more challenges and more responsibility.

Anyone who has seen my blogs and reviews or my comments on Jo Hiestand’s Facebook page knows I absolutely love this McLaren character. He’s the epitome of my favorite type of mystery character. He’s a tough ex-cop, he’s moody, smart as a tack and he’s always just a little bit in love. Oh, and I might add, he’s good looking; at least in my mind he is. See? Right there is an example of what Jo Hiestand can do. You obviously know McLaren is a fictitious character in a book and yet not only do I feel I know him personally, I even think I know what he looks like. That’s what you call character development.

Her descriptive writing of the Loches and the lands of Scotland makes you feel as if you are in the middle of this beautiful country, so this turned out to be another great match in the McLaren series. I liked it so much I would tell you it was my favorite, but I like this McLaren guy way too much to have a favorite. I've loved this whole well-written series.

In 2001 Jo graduated from Webster University with a BA degree and departmental honors in English.

She lives in the St Louis, MO area, and spends as much time as she can writing mysteries and watching the barges on the river.

Her love of writing, board games and music came together when she and a friend invented a mystery-solving game, P.I.R.A.T.E.S., which uses maps, graphics, song lyrics, and other clues to lead the players to the lost treasure.

Along with fellow mystery author Pam DeVoe, Jo teachs a mystery writing course at St. Louis Community College.

Jo Hiestand has this new puzzle game going and it's FUN. You can win prizes too.

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