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When parents separate and divorce, kids come last in family law. Should children's welfare be measured in "billable hours"? Christine Giancarlo thinks kids come first and need both parents. Parentectomy moves us toward that goal... for the sake of the children.


Based on Dr. Giancarlo's peer-reviewed research study, Kids Come Last: The Effect of Family Law Involvement in Parental Alienation, this book tells, in their own voices, the stories of thirty loving, capable and dependable parents who, nonetheless, were removed from their children's lives. It is also the author's own journey through the devastation caused by parental alienation.


This book sheds light on an urgent social crisis, enabled by a broken family law system. An equitable and just model for eliminating this form of child abuse is proposed with an urgent plea for its implementation.

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What are the consequences to children of parental alienation?

 In the Mind of the Alienated Child

 “In the hidden and darkest places of the alienated child’s mind lie secrets in waiting.

 Those hidden and darkest places are unknown to the child but they exist.

 A diverticulitis of the psyche, passages leading to places inhabited by demons.

 This is why madness grows in the mind of the child and as they grow bigger the vines and the tangles of things they should not be involved in takes hold.

 As the mind grows, unconscious of alleyways connecting those things which should be unknown but are not, demons feed from the anxiety created by the packets of poison lying deeply within.

 Family secrets”.

 -Karen Woodall, blog post 15960, April 27, 2018

 Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) occurs when one parent in a post-custody separation or divorce arrangement successfully manipulates their child to turn against the other parent. PAS is fostered when the alienating parent portrays the targeted parent as unsafe, unavailable, and unworthy. The alienator also lets the child know that he or she will become less emotionally and physically available to that child if it pursues a positive relationship with its targeted parent. Alienated children show black and white, rigid thinking and are more disturbed overall than other kids in high-conflict divorces. Severely alienated children show flat emotionality but are also likely to behave very inappropriately at times, at least in the presence of the rejected parent. Expressions of oppositional defiance, hatred, rage, rudeness, swearing, hanging up the phone, stealing, lying, keeping secrets from, and spying on, the rejected parent are all commonly reported in PAS children17.

 17 Gardner, 1992

about Christine Giancarlo...

Christine Giancarlo is an applied anthropologist at Mount Royal University since 1992. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Services from Capella University, Minnesota, and an M.A. in Primatology from the University of Calgary, Alberta. Growing up with two loving parents, four brothers and being blessed with her own children, Devon and Carmen, inform her holistic perspective on the family. Christine resides in Calgary with her partner, Bert, and their dog, Gavin.
































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  1. Goo morning, bloggers! Thanks for stopping by to check out my book. I'll be happy to respond to comments and questions throughout today. The widespread, social crisis of parental alienation affects families everywhere and is largely responsible for some of the mental health struggles facing young people.

  2. The diverticulitis of the mind is the twisting of reality created by false information consistently given the child by its alienating parent. Since the capable, mentally-healthy, loving parent has been/is being removed by the alienator, the child lacks balance to develop his/her/their perspective of reality.

  3. Thanks, Sherry. The thirty cases of parental alienation in Parentectomy are the result of face to face interviews I had with each targeted parent. Each was verifed by court documents prior to the interview during my screening for authenticity. The interviews were often several hours long and gut-wrenching to say the least. Each parent desperately missed his or her children and had only pursued legal intervention as a last resort.

  4. Thank you everyone for your interest and comments about Parentectomy. I hope my book provides information and support for those of you, and yours, targeted by parental alienation. Happy reading and blogging!

  5. children and their physical and emotional health should always come first...


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