Thursday, February 3, 2022

For The Bright Ones

 May they come out of the shadows



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This collection of poems came as a surprise to me.

When something is easy, brings joy and excitement I do more of it and that is what happened here. Poetry has been a life-long pleasure, but usually as a reader. I have dabbled in writing private pieces before, then these came.

Sometimes, there is a meeting of two people that changes everything.

This book is a result of one of those times. The words coming through on the music of a guitar; the notes and melodies acting as a muse; the song as an anchor to hold onto while playing with the creative force that is available to all of us. It opened a channel for me and the words dropped onto the page. Most times, I felt vulnerable to read them, let alone share them, but here they are for you.

My work in the world has always been the work of the heart and of the soul, connecting people to a deeper truth of themselves. Helping people to remember that they are connected to something wonderful and vast. Opening them up to their inner spiritual power. This book is another vehicle for that intention of my life.

May it remind you of your own heart’s strength.

Sarah x


Awake but still asleep,

My dream pulls at my mind.

A door appears inviting me to find my way

This space so far unknown,

A place of growth and of change.

Where there is a crone,

A wise woman bent over, grey-haired and kind.

She looks at me nodding,

She’s been waiting for a while.

I heard her whisper years ago.

Sarah,” she said, “it is time.”

I shook her words away from me,

I ran, closed down, denied.

But as the time ticks on,

Its straight line pointing true.

There came this day

When I wanted more

Of me, of us, of you.

She holds my life and all I’ve learned

And mixes it you see

With everything there has ever been

In you, in us, in me.

The child within has found her home

The girl has settled down.

The mother is someone I know well

And I wear the goddess gown.

And now I wait, awake yet still asleep

For the crone to pass her crown.

About the Author

Sarah Negus is a spiritual mentor, author, and executive coach, guiding high level entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and high-flying startups to embody the best version of themselves - reaching seemingly impossible goals and extreme levels of growth and success. She coined the title, Modern Day Shaman® - marrying traditional shamanic practices with modern psychology and mindset methods.

Sarah guides her clients to re-shape and re-frame their inner beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors to rewrite the unconscious story they play throughout each day. Since every individual is unlike anyone else on earth, these results are not limited to any one channel - hence, this book of poetry to unearth your spiritual connection to love and inner power.

A creative and romantic to the core, she traipses through nature with her little dogs, offers hands-on healing with spiritual clients, and takes frequent trips to Ibiza. There, she soaks up the sunshine before heading back to the countryside where she lives with her son in Surrey, UK.

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