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Of Lessons Lost - Book Tour


Historical Fiction

Date Published: November 4, 2022

This fast paced novel opens with brothers Yaakov and Lazer's daring escape from the back of a Nazi vehicle en route to their execution in occupied Poland...


Surviving alone in the woods until the war ends, the brothers return to their hometown in search of Wilus Chomelstien, the mayor that had informed the Germans of their plans to organize an armed resistance. The brothers want Wilus to pay for his disloyalty. But the outcome of their meeting with Wilus will haunt them and their descendants far into the future.

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  About the Author

I am a retired senior executive for a fortune 100 company. Years ago my first novel (Ezekiel’s Vision) was launched via a conventional book publisher.  My new self-published novel is titled: OF LESSONS LOST.

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Quotes from Of Lessons Lost

Book Quotes


“Mom is shopping. She wants to feed an ungrateful bastard like you."


“Now I’m really getting scared.  My big brother has a plan."


“I’ll tell you why it came into our hands. There’s no one else anywhere near here."


“You’ve other talents, I think, though I don’t know what."


“Shall I play something from my imaginary violin or my imaginary weapon?"


"They’ll make you into Brisket. Kosher Brisket."


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