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Pebbles and the Biggest Number


Pebbles and the Biggest Number by Joey Benun
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Pebbles and the Biggest Number
This is a big, bright, colorful book. One full of wonderful illustrations and more interesting things than you can imagine. I will bet there is something you didn’t know in here whether you are 6 or sixty. This is education and fun all mixed together. I always describe this kind of mix as a way to “sneak” all of those pieces of knowledge into kids without them even knowing :)

This is not one of those books to be read and placed in the stack never to be seen again til book sale time. The information here is something to work through with your child. The avenues of conversation and education are endless. If you want to talk about eels and their environment or volts and electricity, this is a good starting place. Do you know how many fish there are? You will if you read Joey Benun’s book.

The author has laid this out so well. Each piece or chapter deals with the hierarchy of numbers, from the small to the biggest ever. In the back, a syllabus explains some of the words you read, even the gigantic number names are explained.

So now that I’ve described this special book, I need to suggest an appropriate age of the reader. This is not just full of facts. There is a story here entwined among the information narrated by Pebbles the Butterfly. He takes us from one number to the next. But this is not a book for you to read to a young child sitting on your lap. It’s more of a book to read with a 2nd or 3rd grader. Of course, there is never a hard and fast rule for determining this.

If I had any criticism, it would be the size of the book. It’s 8” x 11” and needs to be read at a table with a child more than held like a picture book. I think this sort of arrangement fits it more because Pebbles and his story are at the top with all kinds of cute blurbs of educational facts on the pages.

In summary, this is a long-lasting great book crafted for children of varying ages. A book to be looked at and enjoyed and one to be read again and again. It’s a book to have fun with, and a book to learn with. Sounds like a sort of boxed set all in one, doesn’t it? Enjoy.

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