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Profitable Usherpreneur


 How To Start And Grow A Successful Ushering Business


Date Published: 09-06-2022

Publisher: MagicWand Publishing


Profitable Usherpreneur: How To Start And Grow A Successful Ushering Business is a book for anyone who wants to build a successful and profitable ushering service business. The book aims to promote ushering service as a business.

In this book, Clementina explains the concept of Usherpreneurship, misconceptions about the ushering business, pricing, and more. PUBook provides practical insights on team building, pricing, and client attraction strategies.

The book offers a way for new and existing agency founders to build a profitable ushering business.




Chapter 1

Green Grass


The grass is greener where you water it

-Coming Up Roses Blog


Being a sales representative with one of the fastest-growing food and beverage companies. I learned from my boss what it's like to treat both clients and employees with excellence.

The company invested its time into getting potential clients to taste their products for free to get leads for sales.

My Boss did not just focus on the big events, he further extended the allocated free sample product to lots of social events by individuals.

In case he learns that someone is getting married, he approaches the individual saying, "Congratulations, our company will like to provide free sample drinks at your event".

For the times I served with him I haven't heard anyone turn down his offer.

Then he proceeds to say we have table water, and we could provide them to you at a discount if you buy more than twenty packs.

He still doesn't stop there, he further goes on to say, "we can also customize the table water to bear your names and pictures or any details you like".

What I found is that, so many customers follow through with all the offers he provides, others may not but no one has ever denied him access to their events.

He then approaches the sales representatives and says we are attending this event and we will have not just our free samples displayed but our products.

Also, we will tell people that visit our product stand what other products they can buy.

So when an attendee visits our stand to get a cup of cold or hot drink. We tell him that if he buys three canned drinks, he gets one free. Plus, we have table water for purchase.

Furthermore, each sales representative gets a commission payment based on the number of purchases he or she closes out aside from the basic pay for showing up to the event.

Many times, at the end of these events we end up not only raising awareness for our products or telling people to invite us for their next events.

We also sell out our products and have people who were only attendees at those events call or refer us for other jobs.

The above principle can work for any Ushering business when service is treated as a two-way street.

I will be back with the story of where I got my ushering business idea from.

Remember: Service is both, how you treat your clients and how you treat your team.

About the Author

Clementina Busayo is an Author, Usherpreneur, & Project Manager.

She is the Founder of Gloriouswills Ushering Services GWUS an ushering agency that teaches the business of ushering, trains ushers to be professionals, and provide ushering service for corporate and social events.

When she is not teaching about the business of ushering via Clementina Busayo's YouTube channel, She loves to moderate events and learn the French language. Clementina believes in

"Service A Tangible Experience" she co-founded Professional GroomsMen - a place for grooms to choose their wedding groomsmen. Through these businesses she is addressing the

sustainable development goal 8 of providing decent Jobs and economic growth. She is the convener of Usherpreneur Summit and she is open to cross-country collaboration.


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