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The Very Contrary Fairy - Book Tour



The Enchanted Garden Series Book 1

Children’s books

Date Published: December 1, 2023

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.


The very contrary fairy sure has a lot to say about what she must do each day. But when she decides to run away, will she make it home in time and stay?

Read an excerpt below...

About the Author

When not writing books, hosting the Emmy nominated television series, Selling Knoxville, hosting her podcast, ConnectTheKnox, or Brokering her office, Julia can be found camping with her family, snuggling with her dog Ripp, or cooking a gourmet meal with her best friend and partner for life, Joe. Julia can be contacted via email at julia@justhomesgroup.com.


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Excerpt from "The Very Contrary Fairy"

A long time ago

In a kingdom far away

Lived a beautiful fairy princess

Who was contrary in every way


When she did not want to eat her food

She copped a royal attitude

She would throw her soup and give a cry

And bid her dinner guests goodbye


 She stewed and stirred

And paced and griped

Until contrary fairy

Left one night


As she snuck out

Into the night

She had convinced herself

That she was right

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