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Bone (& Body) Lessons



Culture, Measurement, and Language

Nonfiction / Language and Physiology

Date Published: December 6, 2023

Publisher: Mindstir Media


One way to understand self is through the skeletal frame. Skeletal bones hold many secrets which can be unlocked to tell stories of humankind; they become lessons for life. This book provides four perspectives on bone: culture, measurement of bones and body postures, grammar, and bone names. Word roots and definitions related to bone vocabulary allow the reader to gain insight. A major theme is to know oneself-to develop self-awareness. What can a person learn about self from bones? This book accompanies each person on their quest to know themselves, whether or not on a conscious or subconscious level. The current popularity of DNA kits that are being sold today-as well as the many websites offering assistance to people delving into their ancestry-validate this. Whether it is to delve into possible hereditary health conditions or to locate relatives and forge a connectedness to others in the world around them, people want to learn more about themselves. Bones provide such framework, for body and self.

About the Author

Lois Liggett is a retired physical therapist and a world traveler. She worked in Japan in 1990 as a geriatric rehabilitation consultant. She has an M.A. in gerontology and a B.S. in physical therapy from Russell Sage College. She has an avid interest in the interface of language with mythology, religion, and spirituality. She developed a method she calls “spiritual linguistics” to find common and essential meanings of a nomenclature using word roots and definitions. Her first book, Decoding Norse Myths with Pet Ravens, published by Mindstir Media, LLC in 2021, reflects this linguistic method, as does this book, Bone (& Body) Lessons.


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