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Everybody Loves Polar Bears - Book Tour


 Book 1 of the Polar Paired Series


Romance Enemies to Lovers

Date Published: December 19, 2023

Publisher: Avoca Press


 Expect the unexpected when it comes to love under the Aurora skies.


In the frosty mayhem of the Alaskan film set for Everybody Loves Polar Bears, accident-prone Macy Applegate catapults herself into a hilarious array of mishaps better suited for a blooper reel. As Macy dreams of stardom, she reluctantly works with Nick Westwood, the grumpiest and most arrogant assistant director this side of the Arctic Circle—a man who irritates her more than a stuck zipper in a sub-zero wind chill.

Beneath Nick's stoic exterior lies a mysterious secret, and the only thing more challenging than Alaska's winter is these two trying to get along for longer than a commercial break. Macy is a walking disaster in matters of the heart, and Nick is fed up with shallow relationships. But fate has a penchant for mischief when Nick transforms from Macy’s nemesis to her off-screen hero, chipping away at the permafrost around her heart. Should she give this guy a chance or continue wishing on the magical aurora borealis for perfect love?

In this hilarious romantic comedy, where polar bears play supporting roles and love takes center stage, Macy and Nick navigate a situation as unpredictable as Macy's on-set blunders. If you swooned through The Proposal and chuckled at The Hating Game…and if you have a soft spot for polar bears…get ready for laughter in this heartwarming tale of unexpected love!

Enemies to lovers

Celebrity romance

Grumpy sunshine

Strong woman, alpha male

Forced proximity

Polar bear love

Snowbound Alaskan cabin

Northern lights

Polar plunges

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About the Author

LoLo Paige is an award-winning author in both romantic comedy and romantic suspense. She’s been honored with several awards, including an RWA chapter award for her romantic comedy, Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart. Irish Thunder and Everybody Loves Polar Bears are her recent rom-coms published in 2024. Her romantic suspense books have topped Amazon bestseller lists in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and Publishers Weekly has featured her books in their Booklife section. Her second book, Alaska Inferno, was a finalist for best indie romance in the 2022 Kindle Book Review Awards.

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Excerpt from "Everybody Loves Polar Bears"

“Taking off my clothes was no big deal? Do you know how humiliating it is for me right now after—after—God, Westwood, you saw me naked and for all I know, you could be a serial killer, plus, I’m not sure I even like you!” she blurted.

How Macy got all that out in one breath after nearly drowning yesterday mystified him. At least she was honest. He’d give her that. He tried to let the sting of her not liking him slide off his back.

 “If it’s any consolation, I saw nothing,” he said in a low, measured tone. “I was busy trying to raise your core temperature, so you wouldn’t… you know, die of hypothermia.”

 “Thank you, but I’d like to know what you did in the car. The details, please.”

He couldn’t believe this. “Not here. Not now. Cripes, I mean seriously—you’re turning an ant hill into Mt. Everest.” He shifted impatiently. “We’re running behind schedule.”

“For the love of God. Just tell me!” Her voice rose in pitch and volume, drawing inquisitive glances from others on the set.

Nick shifted his weight to the other foot, blowing out air. “All right. I stopped by to see how filming was going. When you did your Olympic dive, I got you out with a dip net. The water was too cold to dive in and rescue you, or we would’ve had two drownings.” He shrugged.

“So, you basically dip-netted me like a salmon.” She forced a partial smile. “I’m surprised you didn’t bonk me on the head and gut me,” she quipped. “What makes me curious is how some random Los Angeles person would even know what a dip net is.”

Nick was the one feeling gutted, like he’d done something wrong. He folded his arms in a defensive posture. “You were hypothermic when I fished you from the water, so I put you in my car to warm you up. I did what anyone would have done in that situation—removed your clothes and warmed you with my body temperature.”

 “Did you remove my—you know—intimates?” She spit it out like it pained her to say it.

He lifted his arms and dropped them. “Why is that such a big deal? I would think you’d be happy that I helped you out. As an Alaskan, surely you can appreciate that.” He pointed at her. “I left your panties on, by the way.”

“And you deserve a congressional medal of honor for that? Thank God my core temperature down there wasn’t in any danger.” She squeezed her eyes shut. “I’m beyond mortified. I wish you would have bonked me on the head and gutted me!”



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