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Granite Oath


Granite Oath (Seamus McCree #7)Granite Oath by James M. Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Seamus McCree has a granddaughter that he adores and visualizing him as a grandfather is a different picture for those of us who are used to the earlier Seamus. But you know…it happens to all of us as time moves along and this Seamus ends up as good and kind and tough as the old one.
This time we get to see both the young and the old Seamus. Seamus’ granddaughter, Megan, finds that her play friend hasn’t seen her mom in a long time. Seamus has to make a pinky swear to promise Megan he’ll do all he can to help. Sometimes pinkie swears can be more binding than granite oaths.

I’ve read all of Jackson’s Seamus McCree books except one. Not sure how I missed it. It must have been a tough time in my life because I am usually waiting with bated breath for the next one.
I fell in love with this character James Jackson created in the very first book. McCree is good, tough, and honest, and yet, what it takes to do the right thing is what he’s going to do. I love this kind of private investigator. I just get so tired of the drug wars and the bad guys. Sometimes I want to read about a good, honest, a**-kicking kind of person:)

This book of Jackson’s is a little different. It has the same suspenseful, driven theme, but his prose are almost lyrical in some places. I happen to know from following Jackson’s author page that he has traveled of late and has seen some pretty fantastic nature scenes. It shows in this book. His descriptive writing blends well with his vivid action scenes.

All of Jackson’s Seamus McCree books can be read as a stand-alone. I’m going back to read the one I missed. However you read them, I’d advise you not to miss any.

Definitely an exceptional story and wonderful characters. That’s what it takes to make me satisfied with a book. So, 5* all around!

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