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Date Published: 02-10-2010

 It's the time for you to create the life you meant to live by connecting to God within. Your prayers have more power than you can imagine. So many of us forget that as children of God, abundance is our birthright!



Suzy Bootz: Inspiring Readers with the Law of Attraction

In a world where people are seeking guidance and inspiration, Suzy Bootz shines as an Author and Coach living her life through the Law of Attraction. With a collection of thought-provoking books such as "Through the Eyes of Truth - A Conversation with God about My Life, Your Life, and Discovering Our Purpose," "Creating Utopia - Living Life as a Miracle Worker," and "God Whispers A Daily Devotional," Suzy opens doors to new perspectives and encourages her readers to embark on their spiritual journeys.

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The Power of Sharing:

Through her heartfelt and introspective works, Suzy Bootz shares her personal spiritual odyssey with readers, inviting them to explore the depths of their souls. By embracing the Law of Attraction, she empowers her audience to manifest positive change in their lives. Suzy's books serve as guiding lights, inviting readers to reflect on their own paths and discover their true purpose.

Rescuing Animals and Inspiring Others:

Beyond her writing, Suzy is a compassionate advocate for animal rights and dedicates her time to rescuing animals in need. This passion for helping others extends beyond the scope of her books, as she finds joy in sharing her experiences, answered prayers, and insights in her blogs. Suzy's genuine love for animals is a testament to her caring nature, and her commitment to this cause exhibits the values she holds dear.

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Excerpt from "Through the Eyes of Truth"



I always thought I knew how to pray, as anytime I remembered to thank God for my blessings, I would pray. Whenever I was feeling lost and had turmoil in my life, I would sit down and pray. After I left my full-time job and a long-term career doing something that didn’t fulfill me, I began feeling an internal restlessness. I had always dreamt of becoming a writer and inspiring those around me. It wasn’t until my mom lost her battle with breast cancer when I truly learned to understand the power of prayer. I went from believing that through faith all things were possible, to the painful realization that not even faith can prevent the passing of someone you love.

Before mom passed away, I used to write poems and I always dreamt of following in her footsteps of being a published author. Writing was always the most comfortable method I had of expressing my voice, and it allowed me to feel connected to one of her amazing talents. After mom died, I didn’t write again for five years. I was so sad that I could not bring myself to tap into the feelings of loss I had experienced from losing my mom.

One afternoon, I sat down
and asked God in prayer to show me my truth. I wanted to know where my life was going and what I could do to replace the feelings of sadness and restlessness, with feelings of fulfillment and joy. What happened next was the answer I to my prayer. I sat down and opened my computer and began to write. The words just flowed out of me with such speed, and all I could see in front of me were the words that flooded across the keyboard to create this book.

These words are the reflection of my spiritual dialogue and the answer to my prayer. It is my belief that each of us needs to go within our own soul and discover God, and hear the answer to our own prayers. Nothing can speak for God outside of you because Source energy resides within each and every one of us individually. These words are only my prayer and I chose to share them, because maybe one person will discover their own intimate time with God, and go within for their own prayer. Most importantly, realize that every word, thought, and emotion is heard.

These pages are filled with the answers that I was hearing from the echo's of my own soul as I shared my time in prayer with God. The words on these pages began to fill with information that I would later go back and read, only to discover that my journey to find knowledge and inspiration, would truly inspire me to share with others who may be experiencing their own journey into self. For some individuals will read these words and find they are not in agreement, as it does not resonate with their spiritual journey at this time. However others may read this journal and become inspired to seek God within themselves and ask the same questions. How can you become happier, more abundant, and find your own purpose on this precious journey called life.

This is just one segment of my journey. One that began with the passing of my mother. If it can lead me to a long and beautiful passage through the windows of my soul, then her death and her fight was not in vain. What she taught me in life, she continued to share with me in her passing –God is real, miracles happen every day, and nothing will ever separate the love of a mother from her child. Not in life and not even in death. My mom often told me that I was a cocoon on the verge of transforming into a butterfly. It’s as if she somehow knew the spiritual journey I would be embarking upon. Through the turns and passages on the road through my spiritual journey, I can now honestly say… Momma…I think I’ve finally become that butterfly.


“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”


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