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Beyond Good


The Exceptional Husband's Guide to Married Life

Relationships, Christian Living


Transform your marriage from ordinary to exceptional with this insightful guide for husbands.

Beyond Good: The Husband's Exceptional Guide to Married Life provides a comprehensive approach to addressing all the important aspects of being a kind, faithful, and respectful husband. Not only does it offer insights and strategies, but it also encourages personal reflection and proactive behavior to create a loving, long-lasting marriage relationship.

Start your transformative journey toward renewed commitment and love in your relationship by reading Beyond Good: The Exceptional Husband's Guide to Married Life.

Drawing on 20 years of personal experience and deep insights into marriage dynamics, Beyond Good serves as a candid guide for the husband seeking to rekindle joy, respect, and intimacy in his relationship.

The journey to an exceptional marriage begins here.

Why Beyond Good is a great resource for men:

•         Provides a comprehensive approach to being a kind, faithful, and respectful husband

•         Provides insights and strategies for creating a loving, long-lasting marriage relationship

•         Encourages personal reflection and proactive behavior

•         Offers candid advice and real-life examples

•         Focuses on rekindling joy, respect, and intimacy in marriage

•         Suitable for husbands at any stage of their marriage journey

•         Offers a holistic approach beyond typical relationship guides

•         And much more

Join countless men who have taken the brave step of self-improvement.  Get your copy today and immerse yourself in these love lessons and become the husband your wife deserves.


About the Author

Andreas Baku is a married, health-conscious author and advocate for healthy living. With a passion he shares with his wife for cooking, outdoor activities, and sports, Andreas is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to help others make better choices for their health and in their marriage. Now in his early 50s, Andreas has reinvented himself and embraced his lifelong dream of writing. His books, Fast Food Made Healthy, Comida Rapida hecha saludable and now Beyond Good, are comprehensive guides that empower readers to enjoy their favorite fast food while making smarter choices as well as being the best husband they could possibly imagen. With practical tips, valuable advice, and effective strategies, Andreas helps readers tobe an amazing husband or to navigate fast food menus with confidence, revealing hidden health hazards and providing healthier alternatives. Through his books Andreas is on a mission to transform readers' fast food experiences into nourishing ones or be the beyond good husband they ought to be.


Connect with Andreas on:

Instagram baku.andreas

Facebook andreas.baku.9

YouTube at andreasbaku891


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