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The Dithereens


Solving this mystery could change everything...

From the deep ocean to a secret doughnut-shaped reef, Zoom and Stephen must confront their fears and find the clues they need.

This time Zoom and Stephen have their friends with them. But will it be enough when it comes time to face their greatest enemy?

My review...

A fun fantasy for kids of middle grade reading age and above. Stephen and Zoom, both birds of a feather, try to help the plants find out why a scary sea creature is trying to destroy their land.

This is well written. I did have a problem with a few of the terms. I couldn’t get their pronunciation in my head so tended to stop each time I saw one. This made for a somewhat “hiccupy” read. I am sure this is not a problem for young kids.

There is some teaching of values all stuck into a fun story. Nice to have a good book for middle grade readers that contains some adventures and some learning experience at the same time. 

read an excerpt... 

‘Oh ho! Bon voyage, boys!’ said Rodonga.

A crack appeared between the jelly and Rodonga’s shell above Zoom and Stephen. Clear ocean water gushed in as the gap widened, soaking the two birds in refreshing cool water. Zoom and Stephen flicked their wings. They could breathe and talk just like normal inside their breathing bubbles.

The current swallowed them and carried them several metres away from Rodonga. The two birds flipped and twisted playfully in the water, before pausing and facing Rodonga. They treaded water and waved at Rodonga as they shouted, ‘Bon Voyage, Rodonga!’ before flapping their wings and turning east.

Rodonga brought her shell back to reattach to the clear jelly. When she had flushed the salty water from inside the shell, she began to slowly pull her head back towards the curved part of the shell where she hid. Then Rodonga remembered something.

‘Oh ho!’ Rodonga whirred. ‘I forgot to tell those feathered lads that the little jungah was here this morning, looking for ‘em again.’

Rodonga peered through the clear jelly to look for Zoom and Stephen, but they had already swum away.

‘Oh ho!’ said Rodonga as she disappeared into her shell. ‘Too late now.’ Rodonga smiled to herself, thinking how an adventure is not an adventure without a little bit of excitement sprinkled here and there.


about Cal Devney...

Director & Author Innovator 
Cal Devney is an educator, innovator and children’s book author. She has worked in primary, secondary and tertiary education, specializing in science and digital technologies teaching. Cal’s stories are kooky, fun and creative, but mostly based on sound science principles… aside from the made up characters and the magic that is!

At Blue Sea Books, we are re-imaging reading in the 21st Century context by bringing emerging technologies into the children’s book publishing ecosystem. We are passionate about using innovation to engage, entertain and enliven young minds in new ways.












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  1. This should be a fun read. Thanks for your review.

  2. Thank you Our Town Book Reviews for the review. I am so pleased you liked the story. Thanks for posting on your blog!

    1. Great to have you here on Our Town Book Reviews. Best of luck with your book.


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