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Whichever Way The Road Leads


Whichever Way The Road Leads (The Eastman Saga)Whichever Way The Road Leads by J.A. Boulet
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Many families from both Canada and the US felt they had to defend their country during the War of 1812, but after a while some began to wonder why the war existed. While it might have only been a 2-year war, homes, families, people’s livelihoods, and whole towns were obliterated. There are always atrocities in war, and this is a story of both the good and the bad. A story of emotion. A story of hate, of caring, and of love...
This reads like a true story with a beautiful fictional tale interwoven through it. The lives of the main characters are so realistically drawn that the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred.

I would tell you that I was so caught up in the story that I never thought about what was true and what wasn’t. However, I’m that weird kind of person who reads something about a historical event and runs to the computer to learn more. Boulet never claims that this is anything but fiction but everything I looked up was true, the Niagara Escarpment, Battle of Queenston Heights, and so many other events affecting families involved in a war.

It isn’t just the facts that grab hold of you making this extremely hard to put down. It’s the characters. You begin to be them, to feel for them, to cry out when one of them is hurt. This is a novel of the historical fiction genre that touches you so much, it sure doesn’t seem like fiction. It feels as if you lived through it.

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