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Beyond the Lies



Date Published: March 26, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media


Dr. D'Andrea has conducted the most comprehensive, multidimensional, mental health, and human development study of the adverse impact of Trumpism, Trump supporters, and the Trump cult that has been done in the mental health professions. This includes research results and theories drawn from the fields of counseling, psychology, social psychology, psychiatry, political science, religious studies, and other related disciplines.

His newest book falls within the liberatory psycho-political perspectives described by many of the luminary giants in our nation's history. This includes but is not limited to the teachings of Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Eddie S. Glaude Jr., Reverand Dr. William Barber II, Naomi Klein, James Baldwin, Dr. Henry A. Giroux, Howard Zinn, and Dr. Noam Chomsky. Dr. D'Andrea's scholarly accomplishments (over 200 professional publications) and decades of social-political activism have resulted in his being referred to as the Noam Chomsky of the mental health professions in general and the counseling profession in particular.

 Ann Cavanaugh-Smith, Member of the Social Justice Creations non-profit organization's Board of Directors

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Excerpt from "Beyond the Lies"

These are perilous times for the people in the United States. The danger we face as a nation involves various threats to the sustainability of our democracy and the mental health crisis our country currently faces. This book provides a detailed and multidimensional analysis of numerous factors underlying these perilous times. My professional training in the Human Development Counseling doctoral program at Vanderbilt University, my 40+ years of clinical experience as a social justice advocate in different work settings, and my research and professional publications are all invaluable in helping me acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake the challenge of writing this book.

With this background in mind, I conducted a comprehensive, multiyear analysis of numerous factors fueling the serious threats to our nation’s democracy and our collective mental health. Among the factors I found to have a particularly adverse effect on our nation’s democracy as well as a negative impact on the mental health of millions of people in our nation are the lies and false conspiracies articulated by former President Donald Trump and his supporters. The results of numerous surveys in early and mid-2023 indicated more than 70 percent of Republican Party members continued to believe Trump’s lies about the ways the 2020 presidential election was alleged to have been stolen from him. That’s 70 percent of Republican Party members who continue to believe this lie despite the total lack of evidence supporting this serious psycho-political falsehood. From a psycho-political perspective, this staggering statistic sadly persists to the present time. The reasons for making the previous statement are detailed throughout this book.

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